Cyberware Disrupts the Cybersecurity Model by Providing Enterprise-Level Solutions on a Small-Business Budget – Business Wire

IRVING, Texas–()–AdvanSoft International is proud to announce their newest venture: Cyberware, an AI-enabled cybersecurity firm. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Cyberware AI is a leading-edge company that is disrupting the cybersecurity space with their comprehensive, multi-tiered approach to safeguarding assets for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Cyberware AI’s unique engagement model allows them to provide enterprise-level security at a price point affordable to SMBs.

Cyberware AI’s mission is to democratize cybersecurity services for SMBs by providing them the same level of protection, compliance, and training larger corporations enjoy while maintaining operational efficiencies poised for growth. Cyberware AI helps companies safely, securely, and smartly run their business.

From vulnerability assessments and compliance to comprehensive end-to-end managed services and innovative AI cybersecurity software solutions, Cyberware AI helps defend precious data from cyberattacks and breaches. Their new AI-driven cyber behavior platform, Auditware, is scheduled to be released Q1 2022.

Nationally headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, AdvanSoft International, founded in 1998 by Anil Sunkara, has 14 offices in the US and over 1000 employees worldwide. AdvanSoft International is an award-winning, advanced information technology consulting firm and is the parent company to numerous other ventures. Cyberware AI’s sibling tech companies include SilverXis, Vintech Solutions, SoftHQ, NALA Robotics, and TrySecondOpinion.com, a health tech company that services patients wanting a second opinion and/or alternative treatment advice from specialists all over the world. AdvanSoft International has over 1000 US-based clients, including well-known Fortune 50 companies ranging from consumer technology to household names in the food and beverage industry.

“With ransomware attacks on a skyward trend, cyberthreats and breaches pose a potentially catastrophic risk to businesses, service providers, governments, and everyday citizens,” Anil Sunkara, CEO of AdvanSoft said. “Critically underserved and vulnerable are the small business owners that don’t enjoy the full-scale protection large companies do—Cyberware intends to change that.”

To learn more about Cyberware AI, visit their website at https://www.cyberware.ai/. For more about AdvanSoft, visit https://adso.com/us/home.

About Cyberware AI

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Cyberware AI is an AI-enabled cybersecurity firm that helps small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) protect their precious data assets and meet regulatory compliance, while also lowering overhead costs.


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