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Cyber Monday is just hours away and thousands of deals are already up and running. Just as TVs are a Cyber Monday staple, so are soundbars, which are the perfect accompaniment to a flatscreen TV. That’s because, with very few exceptions, the thinness and flatness that we visually admire in our TVs also means that audio quality is decidedly limited. But with a soundbar placed below the TV, you can have the best of both worlds, with awesome sound from a svelte screen. And thanks to this year’s Cyber Monday soundbar deals, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to do so.

Lots of brands make soundbars, and you don’t necessarily have to buy one from the same manufacturer as your TV—though there can be extra benefits if you do. Then, there are the soundbar brands which don’t make TVs, like Sonos for instance, whose products are designed to work perfectly with any TV. Cyber Monday has made some affordable setups even more of a bargain, and brought pricier options—like the Samsung HW-Q700A—significantly down in price (it’s $300 off). Below, check out 13 Cyber Monday soundbar deals worth browsing right now.

Best Cyber Monday Soundbar Deals At Amazon

Take Over $80 Off Sony Soundbar With A Wireless Subwoofer

Not only does this soundbar have great audio with plenty of punch, there’s a wireless subwoofer to boost the bass. Your TV speakers can’t compete with this double-whammy. It also has decent virtual surround sound effects, which goes some way to emulating what it would sound like if you really did have speakers behind you, as well.

A Huge Discount On A Samsung Option With Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos, as you may know, is a clever system. It uses upward-firing drivers to bounce sound off the ceiling so that it sounds like it’s coming from behind you. It’s usually preserved for expensive soundbars and speakers, but it’s here in this premium-designed model from Samsung. And, if you’re quick, you can grab it for over 40% off.

This Other Samsung Option Is 45% Off

If you like the sound of the Samsung model above, but really want to take things up a notch and get a subwoofer too, then the Samsung HW-Q600A is for you. In addition to Dolby Atmos, it features DTS:X for impressive sound that is even more like being in a movie theater (supply your own popcorn).

Take 25% Off This Slim Polk Soundbar

Polk is known for high-quality audio at low prices, so this slim soundbar at 25% off is a real find. What’s more, it comes with a separate subwoofer which connects wirelessly to the main soundbar, so you won’t have any cables stretching around the room. The slim profile means it can sit in front of most flatscreens without obscuring them, too.

Best Cyber Monday Soundbar Deals At Best Buy

Save $300 On This Dazzling Samsung Setup

This is a very slick setup at a great price. The classy-looking Samsung HW-Q700A has Dolby Atmos to bounce the audio over your head for an effective surround-sound feel and a wireless subwoofer to beef up the bass. This is a premium soundbar system, but the current price drop means it’s suddenly way more affordable.

This Big, Powerful Vizio System Is Now Just $200

There’s plenty of great sound from this setup. Along with a Vizio V-Series soundbar, you can be sure of strong bass, thanks to the wireless subwoofer and persuasive surround-sound with two small surround speakers to place behind you.

Save $100 On This Powerful LG Combo

The speakers built into this soundbar deliver a lot of sound, and at high quality. The subwoofer is wireless (apart from the power cable) and since bass isn’t directional, you have the freedom to place it anywhere. Although there’s no Dolby Atmos here, the combination of Dolby Digital multi-channel capabilities and DTS Virtual:X deliver strong home theater effects.

Another Worthwhile Samsung System

When you want the best sound, you have to go for the best system. Samsung’s elegant soundbar comes with two satellite speakers and a subwoofer which work perfectly together. The satellites sit behind you, and because they’re wireless, your family room stays pleasingly clear of cables and wires. Like all the best soundbars, it’s smart enough to know which is the dialog track and separate that so you don’t miss a word.

Best Cyber Monday Soundbars Deal At Walmart

This Slick Vizio Soundbar Is Now Under $100

Vizio’s 2.1 soundbar was already good value at $128, so to see $29 coming off the price makes it even more tempting. Despite the low price, there’s a wireless subwoofer included, so the bass is evident. Although there’s no Dolby Atmos here, there’s DTS Virtual:X which makes the audio more immersive.

Get A Samsung Option With A Subwoofer For Under $100

This is a great deal on the HW-T41 soundbar from Samsung, especially since it comes with a wireless subwoofer to ensure you get lots of bass. Because it’s wireless, you can tuck the sub-woofer away anywhere (even out of sight) and you’ll still get the full effect.

Best Cyber Monday Soundbar Deals From B&H Photo

A Rare Discount On Impressive Sonos Bundle

Sonos Beam Soundbar, One SL Satellites & Wireless Subwoofer

Home theater sound doesn’t come much better than this. This bundle contains the new, second-generation Sonos Beam soundbar, enough to make things sound brilliant on its own. But there’s more: it also comes with a powerful wireless subwoofer which adds plenty of bass to the mix, and then two One SL mini speakers for true surround sound.

LG SP2: A Big-Name Soundbar At A No-Name Price

This LG speaker is a great bargain at $70 off an already-low purchase price. Like some other soundbars in this list, there’s Bluetooth connectivity so you can use this as though it’s your regular hi-fi and stream music from your phone or tablet when you’re not watching movies on the TV.

This Roku Streambar Has Roku OS Built-In And Is $50 Off

Don’t let the compactness of this soundbar fool you, it can make a lot of noise and side-facing speakers make it sound pretty immersive, too. It’s easy to set up and use, and because the popular Roku OS is built-in, it’s effectively a Roku streaming box built into a soundbar. The remote has dedicated buttons to take you directly to Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Hulu, assuming you have the right subscriptions.  


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