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WASHINGTON (SBG) – At least twelve Democratic candidates are now poised to take on President Trump in the 2020 election.

But despite multiple warnings and hearings, including testimony on Capitol Hill from the highest levels of big tech, concrete action appears to be lacking.

A recent report by the cyber enforcement initiative Third Way found that while the last Congress introduced 226 bills on cyber security, many bipartisan, just ten of those were signed into law.

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“I think Congress needs to be a lot more focused on trying to impose consequences on the human beings who are actually launching these attacks,” said Ishan Mehta, a policy advisor with Third Way’s National Security Program.

Others point to the response toward Russian leaders which in terms of punishment, hasn’t fit the crime, according to former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

“I think the Russians are patting themselves on the back,” Chertoff said in a recent interview. “The reality is this is an attack on the United States and its system of government.”

Chertoff runs the cyber security firm “The Chertoff Group” and said while individual states voter systems are likely safe, other methods could prove detrimental.

Courtesy: Sinclair Broadcast Group

“The more serious concern is an attack on voter registration systems that meant for example on election day you couldn’t determine who was eligible to vote,” Chertoff said, adding that other possible scenarios include attacks on power grids on election day and once again, specialized social media targeting of voters online.

There could be action on Capitol Hill with at least five Congressional committees holding hearings on cyber security.

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Topics include data privacy, it security and the security of our elections.



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