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The countdown has begun for the SKALE Network (SKL), which has been announced to be listed by the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Huobi. The 2-month wait for SKL investors since October 1 ends tomorrow. So, what is SKALE Network and its local token, SKL coin?

SKALE, which went through a 3-year preparation process and launched the decentralized network on October 1, started counting hours for the governance token SKL. The SKALE network went through a 60-day Proof of Use process after the mainnet on October 1st.

During this 2-month period, all token transactions for SKL were locked. The deadline for unlocking the SKL coin has come and gone. Tomorrow, with the unlocking of SKL tokens, the good news of listing came from two major cryptocurrency exchanges. We searched both the listing details in the stock exchanges and the inside of the project for you.

Binance and Huobi are listing tomorrow

Binance announced in its listing announcement that transactions will be opened for SKL on December 1st. Binance users will be able to trade on SKL / BTC, SKL / BUSD and SKL / USDT for SKALE Network. Users will be able to start depositing SKL before the transactions are activated.

Huobi announced to its users that deposits for SKL have already been opened. Huobi announced that they will list the SKALE Network on December 1, just like Binance. Huobi users will be able to trade on SKL / USDT, SKL / BTC and SKL / ETH parities. Withdrawals for SKL on Huobi stock exchange will be possible on December 2.

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What is the SKALE Network (SKL)?

STAKE Network defines itself as an elastic blockchain network for building powerful decentralized applications (dApps). STAKE offers its users a decentralized modular cloud technology built for real needs for the dApps they want to develop and configured according to their needs. SKATE Network is a protocol that provides highly configurable and easy solutions for users to develop their own blockchains without sacrificing security.

SKL, the local token of the SKALE Network, is the crypto money earned as a result of working as a validator for the network or as a developer for the network. With $ 80 million collected from nearly 4,000 investors from 90 different countries for the first phase of the network, SKL tokens are finally unlocked tomorrow after a 2-month staking process. SKL coin transactions can be performed on Binance, Huobi and Uniwap platforms as of December 1.



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