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Crypto Cartoon Explains New Bitcoin Rival on Ethereum-Blockchain — Mollars Token – Finbold – Finance in Bold

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A new crypto cartoon was just released on YouTube.  The 2 minute and 54 second, animated short film explains the importance of a new Bitcoin rival on the Ethereum-Blockchain; A cryptocurrency called Mollars token.  It’s an innovative look into the digital asset and the way investors can earn money, in the form of ROI yields, by investing in its initial coin offering today.

The animated video has received 600 views since its launch on the official Mollars YouTube channel Saturday night.  The view count is likely to go much higher as the week progresses and the viral-worthy content is spread about.

What does the cartoon short film say about Mollars?

The cartoon summarizes many of the biggest key points of the Mollars Project.  

  1. The cryptocurrency is a store-of-value token like Bitcoin
  2. It’s’ on the Ethereum blockchain
  3. Mollars will offer traders the perks of Bitcoin but with lower transaction fees
  4. Buying during the ICO stage, before the token is listed on a public crypto exchange, can generate positive ROI yields for early investors
  5. How ICO funds are used aka ‘tokenomics’

After these key points, the Mollars animation delves deep into how crypto traders make money from token presales.    The film breaks down how one token that costs $0.45 cents today will be worth $0.62 cents, as soon as it goes live on a public cryptocurrency exchange.

Beyond initial ROI gains ,the crypto animation also explains how long-term profits are much better on tokens.   When the demand is high and a token is offering a solution, as Mollars is, the animation urges users to HODL and wait for much bigger gains that usually parallels how well a brand’s value is built.

How Token Supply Will Be Sold

The Total Token Supply [TTS] distribution is also broken down in the cartoon.   According to the artsy visual, Mollars TTS will be 10-million tokens.   Only 4-million will be sold at discounted prices in the current initial coin offering. Once the ICO is closed, the other 6-million will be sold on a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange [DEX] like Uniswap.

Last, beginning at the 2 minutes and 34 seconds mark, the animated characters elaborate on how investors can acquire the new Bitcoin-alternative.   Users can visit the official website, Mollars.com, and make a purchase by using Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) or a credit card charge.

The “Mollars Cartoon” is a great tool for educating novice investors.     It could also attract more money from crypto whales and sharks, who dominate the list of the top 5 single transaction buyers from the $MOLLARS token presale.

Beyond the visual itself, this video continues to show the great leadership and innovative ideas flowing from the creator of this store-of-value token.    The launch of this short film was without notice and if there are other surprises to come from Mollars of similar quality, it could further catalyze growth for the initial coin offering, branding value, and demand.