CrowdStrike, AWS, Presido Launch Ransomware Mitigation Kit – TechDecisions

AWS and cybersecurity firms CrowdStrike and Presidio are launching the Ransomware Mitigation Kit, a new platform designed to defend against ransomware and sophisticated cyberattacks through the security capabilities of those companies.

Specifically, the Ransomware Mitigation Kit helps organizations identify and protect against cyber threats, detect attacks, respond to breaches and recover all critical data and applications.

In an announcement, the companies cite the exponential rise of global cybercrime, which is expected to reach $10.5 trillion annually by 2025 from $3 trillion in 2015.

The Ransomware Mitigation Kit provides organizations with an “end-to-end white glove service” and protection against cyber events, addressing all five pillars of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, according to the announcement.

The solution combines Presido’s services with technologies from CrowdStrike and CloudEndure, establishing a strong cloud security foundation for organizations to defend against ransomware and other attacks.

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The service leverages AI and automation to eliminate most manual effort and cut down on response time, costs and resources needed to combat attacks.

The offering includes:

  • Comprehensive visibility and breach protection across all digital assets
  • A strong cloud security foundation to defend against ransomware and sophisticated cyber events
  • Detection and attack prevention, leveraging community immunity
  • Swift response and attack mitigation, preventing lateral spread of ransomware to other devices within or outside of the organization
  • Backup recovery that allows an organization to reclaim and restore all lost or compromised data and applications prior to the attack

“There is no one silver bullet when it comes to mitigating ransomware attacks and other cyber incidents,” said Sandy Carter, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs at AWS. “Protection requires a layered approach and a team that is on top of emerging threats and capable of maximizing the benefits of industry-leading security technology such as the combination of Presidio, CrowdStrike and AWS.”


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