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Credit card debt: Martin Lewis shares ‘five golden rules’ to help ‘save you £1000s’

He suggested that Britons get an all-rounder card if they also need to spend on the card.

An allrounder card has a zero percent length for balance transfers and spending, and means people only need to apply for one card.

4 Time
To get the zero percent and fee, people usually have to do the balance transfer within the first one to three months.

Mr Lewis said: “For most cards, the zero percent period is only reserved for balance transfers that are made within the first 60 or 90 days – though always check your card for its time limit, as it does vary.

“After this has passed, any transfers would incur expensive interest at the card’s normal rate, unless it’s paid off in full.

5 Transferring between the same banks
For balance transfers, “one rule is clear” – people can’t transfer a balance between two cards issued by the same bank, he explained

The money saving expert suggested his “top pick” zero balance transfer card for new card holders.


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