Council Tax reduction: Who qualifies for a second adult rebate?

Council Tax is a property-based annual tax paid to local authorities which is used to fund local services such as police and fire services, libraries and waste management. People are charged based upon where they live and the value of their home, but not everyone is required to pay this full amount. But who qualifies for a reduction on behalf of a second adult rebate?

What is the second adult rebate?

The second adult rebate is awarded when a person has a second adult living in their home who is on a low income.

This rebate means a reduction in the amount of Council Tax which has to be paid.

The rules for claiming the second adult rebate are distinct from the main Council Tax benefit because the income and capital of the claimant is not taken into account, however, the income and capital of the second adult is counted.

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How much second adult rebate can you claim?

If the second adult receives Income Support, Pension Credit, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or Income-related Employment and Support Allowance, you will get a 25 percent rebate on your Council Tax.

If there is another second adult in your home who does not get one of these benefits, you will get a lower rebate on your Council Tax.

The size of your rebate depends upon the second adult’s gross weekly income which is outlined below:

  • Less than £193 a week – 15 percent Council Tax rebate
  • Between £193 and £249.99 and 7.5 percent Council Tax rebate
  • More than £250 – No rebate.
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It is only possible to get a 100 percent second adult rebate if all second adults in your home are on benefits and everyone else, including you, is a full-time student.

How to claim a second adult rebate

You can claim a second adult rebate from your local authority.

You can find the details of your local authority here.

If you cannot find what you need you should contact them directly and they should be able to help.



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