Coronavirus symptoms: How to tell if it's not anxiety – key signs you have the virus

How is coronavirus different to anxiety?

There are some similarities in terms of symptoms between the coronavirus and anxiety.

In particular, both conditions can lead to shortness of breath, according to Patient Access GP Dr Sarah Jarvis.

If you are able to steady your breathing pattern within a few minutes, it’s more likely to be caused by anxiety, she said.

“The symptoms of panic attacks tend to settle if you concentrate on your breathing and take very slow breaths,” she told The Sun.

“Try tummy breathing – put one hand on your chest and the other on your tummy.

“You should aim to breathe quietly by moving your tummy with your chest moving very little.”

Anxiety could also lead to a number of digestive problems, including stomach pain and diarrhoea.

But, some coronavirus patients have also reported the onset of diarrhoea.

If your stomach problems are accompanied by more typical signs of COVID-19, then it’s likely to be caused by the virus.


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