Coronavirus live news: Brazil sees record daily cases as Hong Kong on brink of 'large-scale outbreak'

Inmate at Sydney jail tests positive for Covid-19

In Australia, a Sydney correctional facility has undergone deep cleaning after a prisoner tested positive for Covid-19.

Corrective Services NSW said on Thursday that the man, who was taken into custody on 26 July, has since tested positive for Covid-19 while at the Parklea Correctional Centre in Sydney’s north-west.

The inmate had recently been in Victoria and was arrested for driving offences before being bail refused. In a statement, Corrective Services said that “as with all fresh custodies, he was isolated from the time of his arrest by NSW Police Force and subsequently by CSNSW before his transfer to Parklea”.

“At Parklea the inmate underwent mandatory COVID-19 testing and has been housed in isolation in Area 6B in accordance with standard protocols for Covid-19 infection control,” a spokeswoman said.

“Preliminary contact tracing with staff and inmates has confirmed the inmate has not had any close contacts in custody, on being transported, or at Parklea CC since his arrival, in accordance with the isolation protocols.”

“Corrective Services NSW has taken all appropriate health and safety measures after an inmate, who came into custody on 26 July, subsequently tested positive for Covid-19 at Parklea Correctional Centre.

It marks the first and so far only confirmed case of Covid-19 among correctional staff or inmates at any NSW correctional facility. The CSNSW spokeswoman said the inmate’s family was being notified and the area “forensically cleaned”.

“Our priority continues to be preventing transmission, managing isolation requirements, keeping staff and inmates safe and continuing to manage our daily operations,” CSNSW said.

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California state lawmakers are considering a plan to continue a $600 weekly unemployment benefit for state residents if Congress does not extend the emergency funding this month.

“We have millions of Californians that are on a financial cliff,” said Phil Ting, a Democratic state lawmaker from San Francisco. “They really need that money to pay rent, to buy food, to pay for everyday living expenses.”

Cuts in federal emergency assistance would probably put more California residents in danger of losing their housing, and could make California’s homelessness crisis even worse, Ting said.

“The number one way you prevent the spread of Covid is you keep people in their homes,” he said.

As coronavirus cases rise, and the number of confirmed deaths nationwide reaches 150,000, Congress is debating whether to extend a $600 weekly payment to supplement state unemployment benefits. In California, those benefits average a little more than $300 a week. The extra federal dollars, experts say, are providing critical assistance to millions of Americans who have lost their jobs:

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