Coronavirus live news: Australia's Victoria state begins weekend in lockdown, France exceeds 30,000 deaths


US welcomes the World Health Organization’s probe into the origins of virus

Former NZ prime minister says vaccine may be 2.5 years away


Texas governor Greg Abbott has warned residents of the US state that “the worst is yet to come” after a week that saw new coronavirus diagnoses exceed 10,000 new cases per day on Tuesday and total people in hospital with the virus surpass 10,000 on Friday.

The governor who oversaw one of the US’s fastest attempts to reopen is now urging residents to wear masks and warning that he might impose a new lockdown.

“Things will get worse,” Abbott told a local television station. “The worst is yet to come as we work our way through that massive increase in people testing positive.”


Remdesivir provisionally approved in Australia for hospital use

Coronavirus cases are rising across the US, some regional hospitals are filling up and some of America’s most populous places are seeing record deaths as the pandemic surges.

At the same time, as some states reverse reopening plans, public health interventions such as encouraging people to wear public face coverings and closing schools have become increasingly politicised and divisive.

Sunbelt states such as Arizona, Florida and Texas have been especially hard-hit after pushing to reopen their economies earlier in the pandemic. Cases a day have nearly doubled in Florida, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. More than 40 hospitals across the state maxed out their intensive care unit capacity, NBC News reported.

“We’re putting ourselves at risk and other people aren’t willing to do anything and in fact go the other way and be aggressive to promote the disease,” Dr Andrew Pastewski, said.

Two Covid-19 cases in New South Wales, Australia, linked to the same pub

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