Coronavirus immunity in UK: How much of UK’s population have COVID-19 antibodies?

Recent data from Public Health England also shows a prevalence of coronavirus antibodies among blood donors in London, as high as 13.4 percent.

That figure equates to one in eight Londoners having coronavirus antibodies.

The number in London is far higher than in other regions of the country, such as the North East and Yorkshire, which show 3.9 percent of people have antibodies, while the rate in the South West stands at 3.5.

Despite large areas of the North West being placed under local lockdown, figures show antibody prevalence hovers around 6.8 percent in the area.

Statistics also indicate that during the peak of the virus in March, people with antibodies in Londons mood at 17.5 percent, suggesting nearly one fifth of Londoners may have immunity.


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