Coronavirus cases spike by 15K after China changes tally method

China reported an additional 14,840 cases of coronavirus and 242 new deaths after overnight changes in how it counts cases. Of those, 13,332 cases and 142 deaths are a result of the change in diagnosis.

That brings the total global count to almost 60,000 confirmed cases, and the China death tally to 1,355.

Meanwhile, Japan confirmed 44 more cases on the quarantined cruise ship, which brings the tally to 218.

Previously, many patients with pneumonia-like symptoms found via CT scans were not reported as positive without an additional nucleic acid test. Test kits have been sparse and unreliable, leading to the inclusion of CT-detected cases.

Likely related, two top Chinese officials at the center of the coronavirus outbreak were fired.

Equity futures dropped sharply as the increase in cases crossed newswires. As of 12:45 AM ET, S&P 500 futures are -0.4% to 3,368.


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