Coronavirus Australia live news: Melbourne on track to move to second step on Monday, Victorian Health Minister blamed in Hotel Quarantine Inquiry – ABC News

More were planned in Melbourne CBD today, but the Premier says they remain a health risk.

I did get a report that there were perhaps less people protesting rather than more, that is a good thing.


Police are doing very important work in very difficult circumstances, I thank them, all of them, for the work they are doing and I thank their families as well for the sacrifices that they make. Without those sacrifices that service is simply not possible, so to every member of Victoria Police and every police family, I say thank you for the work you are doing.


And to anyone, even a smaller number than perhaps expected, who protested today, I just say, don’t do that. Do not protest. It is not safe. It is not lawful. And it is only conducive with potentially spreading this virus.


We want less coronavirus cases, not more. And protesting, regardless of what you are protesting for or against is neither smart nor lawful.


It is a selfish thing to do, particularly when we are so close, so close to taking further steps and moving every day, every single day, moving closer to the COVID normal that we all want, so that when we get to 2021, it is a year that is totally different to 2020.


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