Corbyn ally Emily Thornberry gives talk to extremist-linked Muslim Brotherhood group

ONE of Jeremy Corbyn’s top allies gave a speech to a front organisation for the Muslim Brotherhood, The Sun can reveal.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry cut her work in the Commons short to address the controversial Cordoba Foundation.

 Emily Thornberry speaking to the Cordoba Foundation earlier this month


Emily Thornberry speaking to the Cordoba Foundation earlier this month

She was introduced by the group’s boss – who backs terror group Hamas.

Ms Thornberry is understood to have left Parliament early to attend the event held at a London mosque earlier this month.

She told attendees she was appearing on behalf of Mr Corbyn and the whole Labour party.

The MP was introduced by Anas Altikriti, founder of the Cordoba Foundation.

He said: “Before tonight we weren’t sure that Emily could make it but she kindly, hastily finished her business in the Commons in order to make it to this event with us tonight.”

Opening her speech, Ms Thornberry said: “I stand here before you tonight as a representative of the British Labour Party and I bring you greetings from Jeremy Corbyn.

“And, I’d like to thank the Cordoba Foundation for arranging this amazing event and for the East London Mosque for hosting it.”

She went on to give a “keynote speech” blasting the treatment of the Muslim Uighur people by the Chinese government.

I bring you greetings from Jeremy Corbyn

Emily Thornberry

The Cordoba Foundation has been described as a “political front for the Muslim Brotherhood”.

In 2014, the group had its bank account closed by HSBC because it posed too much “risk” to the company.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a global movement with political parties in many Middle Eastern countries which aims to implement sharia law.

Mr Altikriti, who set up the Cordoba Foundation, is a supporter of Palestinian terror group Hamas who once said: “If you are occupied you need to fight back.”

He has called for Muslim groups to boycott Holocaust Memorial Day, claiming it’s backed by a “pro-Zionist lobby”.

The event took place at the East London Mosque, which was attended by one of the teen girls from Bethnal Green who joined ISIS in 2015.

A Labour spokesman said: “Emily was attending this event to speak about the desperate plight of the Uighur community in China, who are being systematically persecuted for their faith, including facing enforced detention, mistreatment, and denial of their human rights.

“The persecution of the Uighurs is something that every human rights organisation in Britain and hundreds of Parliamentarians are concerned about, and Emily felt it was important to take the opportunity to address it.

“Many people, including President Barack Obama, have engaged with Anas Altikriti on both his interfaith and foreign policy work.”

Last year Jeremy Corbyn was criticised for making a Muslim Brotherhood salute.

The Brotherhood is banned in several countries over claims it promotes extremism.

 The Shadow Foreign Secretary was introduced by Anas Altikriti


The Shadow Foreign Secretary was introduced by Anas Altikriti
 Ms Thornberry is one of Jeremy Corbyn's closest allies


Ms Thornberry is one of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest allies

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