'Complacent race report insulted those it was meant to serve'

Today’s generation of black Britons and British Asians face less prejudice than their parents’ generation.

But that is no reason to rest on our laurels or pretend racism does not exist here. And that is why the Race Commission report has done black and Asian communities a disservice.

The Commission appeared more interested in provoking a row than seeking to tackle hatred and discrimination.

Its claim there is no evidence of institutional racism flies in the face of polling by Hope Not Hate which found 45% of black Britons and British Asians have experienced or witnessed racial abuse in the past 12 months and 54% think Britain is institutionally racist.

The Commission needs to explain how it could reach such a conclusion when the figures show that black Britons are excluded from the higher ranks of almost every major profession; and that people from ethnic minorities are twice as likely to be unemployed and have been twice as likely to die from Covid.

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The report commissioned under Boris Johnson's watch is an insult
The report commissioned under Boris Johnson’s watch is an insult

This was a chance to set out a clear path for tackling ingrained inequality and injustice.

This complacent report failed in that task, and insulted the people it was meant to serve.

Laid to waste

Our parks have been more important than ever during lockdown.

We should value these communal areas so everyone can enjoy them.

The rubbish left behind in Sefton Park
The rubbish left behind in Sefton Park

But they have been turned into rubbish dumps during this week’s mini heatwave because some people cannot be bothered to use the bins or take their litter home.

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Councils can help by bringing back park wardens and emptying the bins more regularly.

But the best way to change this selfish behaviour is with tougher penalties for littering. And to ensure the laws are enforced.



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