Combining the merits of YFI and UNI, SashimiSwap taps into the 8 billion idle assets on DEXs to maximize stable returns to users – PR Newswire UK

SashimiSwap Investment is the first contract that maximizes the use of funds in a transaction pool by investing idle funds provided by users, earning additional income for liquidity providers through different financial management products. For example, Uniswap’s liquidity has reached $2 billion. After the deployment of SashimiSwap Investment, 90% of the funds can be invested to generate a profit. Assuming that APY is at 20%, SashimiSwap will generate an additional $360 million a year more than Uniswap.

Currently, SashimiSwap Exchange mainly provides two features for users: one is the trading feature, which allows users to swap any ERC-20 token through the transaction pool and directly trade on SashimiSwap. The second feature is adding/removing liquidity, which enables the migration of liquidity from Uniswap to SashimiSwap, and the liquidity providers will get LP token in proportion to their share of the assets added to the trading pool, while allowing users to withdraw their assets at any time.

In addition, SashimiSwap Farms have given liquidity providers a surprise, namely the ‘double farming’ feature. Users only need to stake the UNI-V2 LP Token into the SashimiSwap LP Token Bar, and the system will then automatically mine for liquidity on SashimiSwap Farms and Uniswap, which means users will get both SASHIMI and UNI. LP Tokens of other platforms will be available in the future.

The code for the new features has been completed and is currently under audit by leading security companies to ensure the security of users’ funds.

SashimiSwap launched the liquidity mine on 10 September, providing over 50% of Uniswap’s liquidity and bringing it to US $1 billion. The product, with no pre-mining and no team share, was well received by the community and proved an instant hit.

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The upcoming SashimiSwap Vaults are also worth looking forward to. The contract will use the tokens staked by investors to invest in various financial management protocols that guarantee the principal. It will automatically switch to the protocol with the highest yield to maximize the potential revenue for users.

In the future, SashimiSwap will transfer value with other blockchains, such as AESwap on the aelf blockchain. The high-performance cross chain solution of aelf will give users a better experience, offering low transaction fee, high transaction speed and no congestion, which are the advantages that other AMM / DEXs do not have.

SashimiSwap 2.0 incorporated innovations in programmable tokens, financial management and governance and is set to create the most profitable swap platform with the best liquidity.


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