Colour-changing urine tests could be used to detect cancer according to new research

A COLOUR-change urine test to detect cancer has been developed.

Researchers say the “fast, non-invasive” test has worked in mice.

 Urine tests could be a faster and less invasive way to detect cancer


Urine tests could be a faster and less invasive way to detect cancerCredit: Getty – Contributor

The urine of mice with colon cancer turned bright blue when treated with a chemical.

UK and US boffins injected nanosensors, that are cut up by a tumour’s enzymes if cancerous — or left intact if healthy.

The chemical showed if cancer was present.

They say their study gives hope for “cheaper” and “easier-to-use” cancer tests for humans.

Professor Molly Stevens, of Imperial College London, said: “This test can be administered without expensive and hard-to-use lab instruments.

“The simple readout could potentially be captured by a smartphone picture and transmitted to remote caregivers to connect patients to treatment.”

The researchers are now trying to make improvements in order for it to be easier to administer and to be able to distinguish between multiple cancers and other diseases.

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