Cold Weather Payment: Postcodes triggered as Storm Christoph rages on – £25 payout due

A Cold Weather Payment is issued to eligible people in areas where the temperature has been recorded at sub zero levels for at least seven consecutive days. For each seven day period of cold weather, a Cold Weather Payment of £25 is issued by the Department for Work and Pensions.

As temperatures plummet, Britain has also been forced to reckon with Storm Christoph, which has caused heavy flooding and snow in some parts.

Some Britons have even been forced to evacuate their homes to escape the effects of the crisis. 

But for those who are looking to see if they are affected by any triggers to a Cold Weather Payment, there is a tool on hand.

The government’s Cold Weather Payment postcode checker is highly likely to provide further clarity to those searching for information.

It is accessible through the government’s website, or by searching ‘Cold Weather Payment postcode checker’.

All people will need to do is enter the first part of their postcode to see if a payment, or indeed multiple payments have been triggered in their area. 

However, it is worth noting that not all people will be entitled to receive a payout from the DWP in the form of a Cold Weather Payment.

Indeed, only those who are in receipt of certain benefits will be provided with the £25 sum.


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