Co-op’s £15 Valentine’s Day meal deal includes steak, chorizo arancini and prosecco

THE Co-op is bringing back its £15 Valentine’s Day meal deal – and couples can tuck into steak and prosecco.

Loved-up diners can save almost £10 thanks to the offer, where you choose a starter, main, side, dessert and a bottle of fizz.

The Co-op Valentine's Day meal deal includes steak, chips and red wine


The Co-op Valentine’s Day meal deal includes steak, chips and red wine

Or if you’re avoiding alcohol, the price goes down to £12 if you substitute the bottle of booze for a soft drink.

The meal deal could be a good option as restaurants remain closed around the country due to coronavirus restrictions. 

The biggest saving of £9.80 comes if you choose any starter, steak, mashed potato, chocolate tortes and the prosecco.

This combination of food would usually cost £24.80 – but you’ll only pay £15 because of the meal deal.

But the meal deal is more expensive than last year, when The Co-op charged £6 for its Valentine’s Day offering – although this didn’t include a side or drink.

What’s included in The Co-op Valentine’s Day meal deal 2021?

IF you’re hungry for love, here’s what you’ll find on offer as part of The Co-op’s Valentine’s Day meal deal:

The price is £15 for a starter, main, side, dessert and a bottle of fizz.

This goes down to £12 if you choose a non-alcoholic drink instead of booze.


  • Irresistible Smoked Salmon Mousse Pots – usually £3.50
  • Irresistible Breaded Cornish Camembert (vegetarian) – usually £3.50
  • Irresistible Chorizo Arancini – usually £3.50
  • Irresistible Slow Roasted Tomato & Vegetable Tarts (vegan) – usually £3.50
  • Irresistible Antipasti Platter – usually £3.50
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  • Irresistible Hereford Rump Steaks – usually £7
  • Irresistible Salmon En Croute – usually £6
  • Irresistible Chicken & Pancetta Melt – usually £6
  • Irresistible Margherita Pizza – usually £5.50
  • Irresistible Lasagne al Forno – usually £6
  • Irresistible Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta Bake (vegan) – usually £6


  • Irresistible Thick Cut Chunky Chips (vegan) – usually £2.60
  • Irresistible Matured Cheddar & Balsamic Onion Flatbread (vegetarian) – usually £2.40
  • Irresistible Buttered Mashed Potato (vegetarian) – usually £2.80
  • Irresistible Pea Shoot & China Rose Salad (vegan) – usually £1.70
  • Irresistible Dauphinoise Potatoes (vegetarian) – usually £2.60
  • Irresistible Asparagus & Tenderstem Broccoli Medley (vegetarian) – usually £2.10


  • Irresistible Belgian Chocolate and Orange Tortes (two) – usually £3.50
  • Irresistible Melt in the Middle Chocolate Puddings – (two) (vegetarian) – usually £3
  • Irresistible Raspberry Panna Cotta (two) – usually £3
  • Irresistible Sticky Toffee Pudding (vegetarian) – usually £3 
  • Irresistible Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry Brownie (two) – usually £3


  • Irresistible Marlborough Pinot Grigio 75cl – usually £7.50
  • Irresistible Rioja Crianza 75cl (vegan) – usually £7
  • Irresistible Prosecco 75cl (vegan) – usually £8
  • Irresistible Rose Prosecco 75cl (vegan) – usually £8
  • Irresistible Elderflower Presse – usually £2
  • Irresistible Lime & Mint Presse – usually £2
  • Coke Zero / Diet Cola – usually £3.25

The steak is the priciest main at £7 for two cuts of meat, while the salmon en croute, chicken and pancetta melt, lasagne and vegetarian pasta bake all cost £6 each.

For dessert, options include melt in the middle chocolate puddings, raspberry panna cotta, sticky toffee pudding and dark chocolate and sour cherry brownies, all priced at £3 each.

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All the mains are advertised as being enough for two people to share.

If you’re already planning your night in, the meal deal will be available in Co-op stores nationwide from February 10 to February 16.

We haven’t yet seen what other supermarkets have in store for their Valentine’s Day meals but keep an eye on The Sun for when they’re available.

Breige Donaghy, director of food at The Co-op, said: “There’s often a lot of pressure to impress on Valentine’s Day so we have made our loved-up meal deal the best one yet.

“We have also introduced a number of new lines to give plenty of choice to customers.

“We’re really excited to extend our offer to include plant-based meal options for the first time to cater for the ever growing number of vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians.”

Here’s how we rated all the Valentine’s Day supermarket meal deals from 2020 including Tesco, M&S and Aldi.

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We rated Morrisons for having an impressive saving of £19.20 and a decent selection of food.

But Sainbury’s was least impressive with a saving of £2.10 and a weak choice of grub.

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