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CLFMI has been the industry’s voice, a partner to the architectural & contractor communities, & the consumer’s champion for over half a century. We pledged to provide the safest, most versatile, & most cost-effective fencing products manufactured to the highest standards.

As communities across the U.S. prepare for more than $110 billion in new spending on roads, bridges, and other major infrastructure bill projects over the next five years, the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute offers several tools and its expertise to assist with the design and installation of high-security and cost-effective chain link systems to protect these much-needed infrastructure improvements.

Chain link has an unbroken record as the most cost-effective perimeter protection product capable of meeting ASTM/industry needs at every level of perimeter physical security. Additionally, chain link fence systems can be designed to maximize project budgets and help solve the safety and security challenges facing teams that work to protect and harden the perimeters on roads, bridges, military bases, airports, and other infrastructure projects.

Through the collective expertise of its membership, CLFMI created a series of technical guides to address various factors that engineers and safety professionals may face in the design and installation of high-security perimeter systems. These tools are designed to respond to the priorities of highway infrastructure engineers and safety professionals to:

● enhance pedestrian safety and visibility;

● reduce vehicular accidents and damage;

● deter animal access to highways, roads, and bridges; and

● stay on budget.

These technical guides are designed to help decision-makers and security teams address their priorities of safety, security, and cost-effective design and installation:

● Guide for Specifying High-Security Chain Link Fence and Gates Per Master Format – This document is the newest tool available to help teams get the most out of their perimeter security investment.

● Tested and Proven Performance of Security Grade Chain – This 12-page report provides security and fence professionals with data to make perimeter security decisions. It includes information and test data for specifications and the selection of security-grade chain link fence systems based on the time required for forced entry penetration or its ability to protect people and property from vehicular impact.

● CLFMI Product Manual – A 32-page guidebook of the nationally-recognized standards of quality for chain link fence fabric and framework and it references all applicable ASTM and federal standards.

● Wind Load Guide for The Selection of Line Post Spacing and Size – A 32-page guide for architects, specifiers, and engineers on the factors that influence the size and spacing of line posts. It includes 12 tables to help determine appropriate line post spacings in various wind load conditions.

● Guide to High-Security Chain Link Manufacturers and Suppliers CLFMI’s Product and Service Locator connects teams to the manufacturers, suppliers, and services who are committed to CLFMI standards of quality, service, and safety.

Additionally, the CLFMI Technical Support Committee, a volunteer team of the most knowledgeable professionals in the global perimeter security field is also available to guide teams through the best options for project success.

Connect with CLMFI’s tools and expertise and learn more about how chain link systems enhance the safety and security of infrastructure projects at the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute website:

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