Cleveland Rising groups use Zoom meeting to update public on bold ideas for transforming Cleveland –

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A number of ideas for transforming Cleveland that grew out of the Cleveland Rising Summit last fall are still in the development stage, and the groups pursuing them provided brief progress reports during a Zoom meeting Saturday.

One of the ideas is to institute a $15 minimum wage that could provide an annual salary of more than $31,000 a year and help lift people out of poverty.

Another is to provide free transit in the same way libraries and education are provided for free.

Yet another is to make it easier for neighborhoods to construct solar arrays that allow residents to share the electricity that is generated.

The original meeting was scheduled for April 4 at Cuyahoga Community College but had to be canceled over concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

About 140 people tuned in for the “Community Report Out,” hosted by City Club of Cleveland CEO Dan Moulthrop, who was also a summit organizer. The meeting began with a brief recap of the two-and-a-half day summit in October that attracted more than 600 participants and featured a group discussion technique called Appreciative Inquiry developed by faculty at Case Western Reserve University.

Many organizations, including the U.S. Navy and Boeing Corp., have used Appreciative Inquiry to transform their operations.

The 15 groups that gave presentations Saturday are still working toward their goals. Moulthrop told those on the meeting call that the best way to help the groups is by connecting them with someone they know who can help.

The groups are categorized into six areas: digital access & literacy; health, wellness & education; land use transportation & sustainability; entrepreneurship, workforce development & equitable business growth; equitable civic engagement & community empowerment; and population growth.

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To watch a replay of the meeting, which lasted about one hour and twenty minutes, go to and click on “WATCH THE REPORT OUT.”

Here are the groups who presented, along with some of their goals:

· T.E.C.H. Up: Improve Internet access in poor communities and more IT job opportunities for minorities.

· LoCul Dreams: Create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that includes a website to list helpful programs and maker spaces.

· Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Develop an ecosystem for taking entrepreneurs from the idea stage to mature company.

· Rewiring Your Hiring: Break down barriers to employment, including employer drug tests for marijuana use.

· Ohio Deserves a Raise: Institute a $15 minimum wage to help pull more people out of poverty.

· The Real CEO (community empowerment organizations): Get neighbors to collaborate to create more sustainable communities.

· The TRUTH Movement: Generate greater awareness of white privilege and the ravages of racism.

· The PROOF Project: Break down silos and get the public, private and social sectors working together.

· CLE for Me: Prepare students for college and non-college careers.

· Ready to Thrive: Help young people improve their emotional intelligence and coping skills.

· Universal Pre-K: expand universal pre-kindergarten efforts beyond Cuyahoga County.

· Free Public Transit: Make public transit as accessible as free public libraries and education.

· Community Solar: Help and encourage neighborhoods to adopt solar energy by sharing the output from community-based solar arrays.

· New Take on the Lake: Transform the Lake Erie waterfront, including Burke Lakefront Airport.

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· From Point A to Point CLE: Make public transit more accessible and improving connections to job hubs.

· Grow the CLE. Cultivate. Lead. Expand: Grow the population by targeting college students, young professionals, retirees and those who have moved away and may want to return.



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