Classic car resurgence driven by millennials turning them electric –

Mr Peck is currently converting a Classic Mini, and said that electrification brings these cars to a new, urban audience as they can match a busy, urban life.

Although many of his clients are older, wanting to give their treasured motors a new lease of life, he has had many urban customers in their 30s.

He explained: “The Fiat 500 and VW Beatles are the easiest for us to convert. They are fairly simple cars – the Fiat 500, although small, has enough space and they are a city car so range is not a big issue.

“Some people do the DIY conversions but we would always advise having a specialist do it, because it could be dangerous to do it. We are seeing an increase in inquiries, most definitely due to the announcement by the Government of phasing out petrol and diesel cars.

“We get lots of inquiries from London and if they want to drive in ULEZ zones they will have to change their car, so they are converting it instead.”


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