Chile vs Argentina LIVE: Stream, TV channel, score, teams – World Cup 2022 qualifying latest

ARGENTINA head to Chile having booked their place in the World Cup.

And that means they can afford to rest Lionel Messi, who is continuing his recovery from Covid.

Opponents Chile have a recent history of riling up the Argentines, winning both the 2015 and 2016 Copa America finals against them.

And their need for points is far greater than the Albiceleste’s, as they sit in sixth position, outside the qualifying places.


  • Kick-off time: 12.15am
  • TV channel: Premier Sports 1.
  • Live stream: Premier Player.
  • Chile XI: Bravo; Medel, Maripan, Diaz, Vegas; Pulgar, Aranguiz; Alexis Sanchez, Marcelino Núnez, Vargas; Brereton
  • Argentina XI: Emiliano Martinez; Molina Lucero, Lisandro Martinez, Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes; Gonzalez, Papu Gomez, Di Maria; Lautaro Martinez
  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    90. Argentina try to break against ‘La Roja’ with quick interplay and passing.

    The ball is played to Lo Celso 25 yards from goal, he shoots and troubles nobody sitting in rows P and below.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    87. A cross comes in from the Chile right hand channel again but this time the defender seems to have it covered.

    He swipes at the ball and nearly misses it, just grazing the ball with his boot as it goes underneath his foot.

    Brereton Diaz wasn’t expecting the ball to come to him and cannot react quickly enough and the ball comes off him more than anything else.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    85. Seeing his performance tonight at the age of 33 against one of the best teams arguably in world football, what an ability Alexis Sanchez is on his day.

    What could have been if it weren’t for some poor transfer choices and injury problems.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    83. Great work from Sanchez in the centre with a cute backheel when challenged by two Argentine players.

    The ball is played out wide, ball crossed in for Brereton Diaz who heads it down but Martinez but a good save to put it wide for a corner.

    The corner is disappointing and easily cleared.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    80. BIG CHANCE!

    Was that the moment Chile were hoping for?

    The cross comes in from out wide towards Brereton Diaz.

    The player doesn’t seem able to get a clean head on it and claims handball by the defender.

    Referee is not interested.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    78. Despite the Argentines seemingly in control of this game going into the final ten minutes or so, South American games are often a powder keg waiting to be lit.

    As the Brazil game showed us earlier anything is possible.

    Will there be more goals and cards to come?

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    75. Gomez goes in for a challenge and seems to slip on the surface himself as he goes in for it.

    The Chile challenge catches him on the ankle and the player hits the ground rolling around.

    Sometimes you wonder if players think the reaction to challenges is part of the VAR consideration process.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    74. The ball is crossed in by Chile and Martinez grabs the ball out of the air.

    He makes a meal of the challenge of Vargas and wastes a bit of time.

    The whistles from the crowd suggest a pantomime villain has walked in.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    71. Paredes goes in heavy on Alexis Sanchez on the halfway line catching the attacker down the back of the calf.

    Yellow card for Paredes.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    69. The ball is threaded through to Vargas.

    He chases it and doesn’t quite get it under his control.

    Unable to poke the ball passed the oncoming keeper.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    67. Sanchez waits to take the corner.

    Parades is on the floor in the box rolling around and there is a melee between both sets of players.

    The referee is trying to tidy this up before the corner can be taken.

    Yellow card for Maripan.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    65. Alexis Sanchez is looking for the ball more and more.

    The problem is when he has to come and look for it deep, there is a wall of Argentina players in front of him when he gets the ball at his feet.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    61. Brereton Diaz is constantly pleading for the ball from teammates.

    The delivery just isn’t accurate enough supplying him.

    The striker already has an impressive 20 goals for Blackburn Rovers this season.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    58. Argentina attack but the reliable Gary Medel is forever sweeping around tidying things up.

    He reads the game so well his game doesn’t require pace.

    Big shout, I say he could still do a job in the Premier League for someone.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    56. Martinez probes a long ball searching for Di Maria.

    The PSG man pulls the ball out of the air with ease.

    Nothing on in front of him so he looks to go backwards.

    Argentina are keen for another goal to settle this.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    54. Sanchez goes down under a challenge but Chile continue.

    The shot is dragged wide from distance.

    The fans whistle and jeer the referee thinking Sanchez was fouled.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    52. De Paul goes in hard on Aranguiz from behind.

    Yellow card for the Argentine midfielder.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    50. Nunez tries a speculative effort from distance.

    It dips over the top of the bar never doing enough to trouble Martinez.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    48. Sanchez whips in a free kick from out wide.

    Pulgar is on the end of it but his header lofts into the air, an easy catch for the keeper.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    46. Souza fresh on from the bench runs at the Argentina back line.

    He slightly over runs the ball allowing the defender to clear.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    45. And we are back underway.

    Chile press Argentina.

    They need to show the heat to keep dreams of Qatar alive.

  • HT: Chile 1 Argentina 2

    Big second half here for ‘La Roja’.

    They need to get more of the ball to Alexis Sanchez and Ben Brereton Diaz to stand any chance of getting back into this game.

    They will have to risk getting caught on the counter by this Argentine attack.

  • HT: Chile 1 Argentina 2

    An entertaining first half there.

    Chile have a lot of work to do.

    Probably the same amount as Blackburn will have to keep hold of Ben Brereton Diaz.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    46. The two minutes of added time are almost up.

  • Chile 1 Argentina 2

    45. Paula Diaz has a pot shot from about thirty yards out on the wing.

    The ball swerves and dips and only the out-stretched hand of Martinez can tip the goal bound shot over.

    Great effort from Diaz.


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