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A lot of people find it difficult to sleep in noisy environments! In this case, headphones are a popular remedy because some are designed to block disruptive outside noises. On the other hand, listening to calm music or white noise can help one relax before falling asleep.

There are different options to consider when choosing sleeping headphones, including factors such as comfort, sound quality, and price. In this regard, Kokoon, a London-based company, has designed headphones specifically for sleep with perfect shape and size, allowing customers to take control of their sleep.

Secured approx £540K (approx €595K)

Recently, the company has secured £540,000 (approx €594,992)  funding from Blackfinch Ventures. Kokoon will utilise this funding to accelerate the growth and to innovate more technologies.

Digital health company

For the uninitiated, Kokoon is a digital health company with a mission to become the non-pharmaceutical, digital ‘go-to’ for helping people relax and sleep. It was founded by Richard Hall and Tim Antos in 2013.

The company comprises of a team of scientists and product designers, building a platform that delivers measurable wellness and performance improvements to any user: Sleep Sensing Headphones.

Headphones with bio-sensor that help you sleep 

Kokoon’s sensor-enabled headphones come with three levels of noise protection, including an active audio seal, which blocks out outside noise completely to help you disconnect from distraction around you.

Movement and EEG sensors

On top of that, the headphones also have integrated movement and EEG sensors. It enhances the audio experience further by analysing brain activity and learning over time what kind of audio works better for your relaxation and sleep.

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Personalised audio experience

Additionally, Kokoon will monitor how you responded over the days and help you create a more personalised audio experience. Moreover, Sleepguard technology alters your audio if you fall asleep to ensure you’re not disturbed.

Kokoon Relax mobile app

The world’s first sleep-aiding headphones can be paired with the Kokoon Relax mobile app, which includes a wide variety of audio content, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Music, and Soundscapes.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: The app features Good Sleep Foundations Programme using CBT techniques. The sessions take you through a series of breathing and meditation exercises that set you up for sleep.

Music: Music is often used to improve sleep quality! The company has worked with composers including Ross Sampson and Rhys Copeland and sleep scientists to develop a variety of soothing melodies aimed at helping you relax.

Soundscapes: For the unknown, Soundscapes are sounds or a combination of sounds arising from an immersive environment. Commonly thought of as background sounds of nature, soundscapes could also be foreground sounds such as bells and sirens.

Includes white noise!

Furthermore, the Kokoon app also includes white noise (and other colours), which is a consistent sound that has the effect of masking these sudden changes in noise. You can get your headphones for $339.99, and it is available in black or grey colours.

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