Cheapest supermarket to buy Baileys this week – and it’s not Asda or Tesco

WITH under 40 days to go until Christmas, people are starting to stock up on their festive essentials in time for the holidays.

Those with a sweet tooth often turn to Baileys for a festive sweet treat but the Irish liqueur doesn’t come cheap. 

Shoppers looking for the cheapest 700ml bottle of the creamy liquor should head to Asda this week


Shoppers looking for the cheapest 700ml bottle of the creamy liquor should head to Asda this weekCredit: Asda

A bottle of Baileys will usually set you back £22 though some supermarkets have made their own versions if you’re looking for a dupe.

Aldi has a Ballycastle Irish cream liqueur for £4.99 and Lidl has a Deluxe Irish cream liqueur for £7.99.

Shoppers looking for the cheapest bottle of the original creamy liquor should head to Costco this week, if they’re members.

The warehouse chain is selling the bottles for just £9.49 until the end of today, November 15.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s isn’t far behind by charging £10 for a 1litre bottle of the booze, but only if you have a Nectar card.

Asda has slashed the price of the bottle by more than 40%. Instead of paying £22, you can get a whole bottle for just £13.

However, Asda isn’t the only one with a bargain Baileys deal at the moment. 

Morrisons also have the creamy liqueur down to £13 online and in-store.

However, you’ll want to be fast with this one as the deal expires on December 17. 

Tesco also has Baileys on a deal but you’ll need to have a Clubcard to take advantage of this one.

Tesco’s £22 Baileys is now down to £13 with a Clubcard but you will need to be even faster with this one as the deal expires on December 11.

Ocado is also selling the bottles for £13, instead of £22.

Some supermarkets are selling bottles of Baileys at the standard retail price.

In Waitrose, for example, a 700ml litre bottle will still set you back £17.

Whereas Co-op has the same size bottle for a little cheaper at £13.50.

Iceland has the 700ml currently priced at £15.

Bear in mind prices can vary from one day to the next and items can go on a deal at any point, especially during the festive season.

There might be a chance to get a bottle of Baileys even cheaper before Christmas although there is no guarantee. has a price comparison tool which compares the prices of 130,000 products across all major supermarkets.

The Latest Deals app also lets you search items and helps you compare prices at several supermarkets to see where it’s cheaper.

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