CHAS Rolls Out  New Dedicated Insurance Service For Contractors

CHAS Rolls Out  New Dedicated Insurance Service For Contractors

Veriforce CHAS, the leading authority in the UK for compliance and risk management, is excited to announce CHAS Protect — an exclusive business insurance product for contractors and tradespeople administered by Towergate Insurance. This new initiative is tailored to the diverse insurance needs of CHAS members, reinforcing our commitment to enhancing member services and making the world of work safer.

Specialised Insurance for Contractors and Tradespeople

CHAS Protect is segmented to cater to different scales of operations within our member base:

  • For the Individual Contractors and Small Teams: Targeted at contractors or tradespeople with up to eight employees, this package is designed to provide comprehensive yet straightforward coverage.
  • For Expanding Businesses: Geared towards contractors or tradespeople with a team larger than eight employees, offering a solution that addresses the complexities of larger operations.
  • Motor Insurance Solutions: Recognising the critical role of mobility in business, CHAS Protect extends its services to include Motor Insurance for Contractors. This covers individual vehicles to extensive fleets, ensuring seamless business operations.

Why Opt for CHAS Protect?

Towergate, a seasoned player in the UK’s construction industry with over two decades of experience, administers CHAS Protect. As one of the UK’s largest independent insurance brokers, with an extensive network and over 2,000 professionals in more than 50 locations, Towergate ensures top-tier service and diverse coverage options for CHAS members.

Key Advantages of CHAS Protect

  • Exclusive Member Benefits: CHAS Protect comes with special, members-only advantages, offering more than just standard insurance packages.
  • Varied Coverage Selections: Covering critical areas like employers’ liability, public liability, and professional liability, CHAS Protect ensures comprehensive protection for your business.
  • Customised Policies: Personalised insurance solutions for  different busiensses, safeguarding their operations, tools and processes.
  • Dedicated Member Support: CHAS members benefit from exclusive phone lines for personalised and prompt service.

CHAS Protect represents a significant step forward in our mission to support our members comprehensively. It’s not merely about having insurance; it’s about having the right kind of insurance tailored to your specific needs. With CHAS Protect, rest assured that your coverage is as committed and robust as your work ethic.

For further details or to request a quote, visit Veriforce CHAS or contact our dedicated team. Choose CHAS Protect as your ally in securing your business’s future.

Author: Alex Minett

Alex Minett is the Head of Global New Markets at Veriforce CHAS, the UK’s leading health and safety assessment scheme and provider of risk mitigation, compliance, and supply chain management services. With a working history in the audit and management consulting industry, Alex is experienced in implementing visions and strategies. Skilled in negotiation, management and business development, he is passionate about driving CHAS in its mission to safeguard organisations from risk in the UK.  LinkedIn: Alex Minett

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