Chainlink {LINK} and Internet Node Token {INT} band together; LINK rises – OBN

Chainlink is one of the few altcoins [other than LEO] which is currently trading in the green zone. The price of LINK is at $2.39, after a growth rate of 2.63% was observed. The trading volume recorded is $73.415 million according to the latest data available on coinmarketcap.

The total market cap of Chainlink is $838.072 million. The supply has 350,000,000 LINK tokens in play for now.

Internet Node Token is a low-ranking altcoin, at #227. The price fell by 3.27% and now rests at $0.051015. The trading volume recorded is $3.846 million. The circulating supply presently involves 82,990,438 INT tokens. The total market cap of Internet Node Token is $14.436 million.

A collaboration between these two chains was announced a short while back. This may have contributed to the bullish momentum displayed by Chainlink. The open-source decentralized oracle employed by the LINK network will be implemented as part of the INT Chain.

Yin Xiangyu, the leader of INT Chain in China stated, “By integrating Chainlink into INT Chain, we will make great progress on bringing our IoT use case to fruition.”

Chainlink had beaten DASH for a short duration during the previous week. For now, the rank of LINK is #16. Chainlink lets smart contracts access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and bank transactions in a safe and secure manner. Both SWIFT and Google employ the services offered by these heightened oracles.

The Neblio v2.1 was a new deal announced recently as well. Atomic Swaps are a new feature which is bound to bring about adoption.

LINK is expected to encounter resistance near the $2.5 level. If the price surges through the barriers, smooth-sailing is to be expected. However, considering the volatility prevalent in the market for now, LINK might fluctuate through the entirety of the day.



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