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With an aim to build a brighter future with responsible tech, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 is returning to Las Vegas for a live, in-person event. It is an annual competition honouring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products – from waste removal to fully electric cars to digital health solutions.

The event also includes a conference programme where the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers address the industry’s most relevant issues.

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CES is showcasing the most innovative tech solutions the Netherlands has to offer in January 2022 in Las Vegas. From 5th to 8th January, participants have the chance to meet the minds behind the most innovative tech solutions, products, and services.

At CES 2022, 70 tech startups and scale-ups from the Netherlands will be sharing their innovations that will shape the future. 13 of these have won the CES Innovation Award. 

Here is a list of 11 of the startups that are based in Amsterdam.


Founder(s): Martin Smit, Tim Spijkerman

Founding year: 2018

Total funding: N/A

Caeli is a deeptech and satellite data-based company. It is engaged in collecting air quality data of gasses like nitrogen oxide, ozone, sulphur dioxide, and methane,  and other particulate matter (PM) present in the atmosphere. The company claims that this data is collected through satellites and is hence extremely accurate.


Founder/s: Paul Chipault, Sergey Vladimirov

Founded year: 2016

Funding: €125K

Capte develops, produces, and integrates smart IoT solutions for transportation, including the range of connected embedded devices for tracking vehicles, drivers and passengers, connectivity, and a web backend with APIs. Its clients include transportation companies that want to include value-added services for their users such as secure transportation, remote diagnostics, and compliance.


Founder(s): Bart Nollen, Eva Gladek, Vincent Hoogduijn

Founding year: 2019

Total funding: €4.4M

Dayrize is developing a consumer marketplace for sustainable products, with the main focus on fashion, health & beauty, and home & garden. The company’s technology uses a systematic life cycle approach for each product that is vetted across multiple planetary boundary indicators. Dayrize is aiming to become a leading marketplace where customers can buy responsibly and by being well-informed.

DiGidot Technologies

Founder(s): –

Founding year: 2013

Total funding: N/A

DiGidot Technologies develops and produces innovative products for a wide range of lighting control applications. Its passion is to control SPI-controlled LED pixels in the easiest way possible. The company’s DiGidot control platform is designed in a way that it’s easy to use for beginners and offers great flexibility for professionals.


Founder(s): Hidde Terpoorten (CEO)

Founding year: 2020

Total funding: N/A

Hyfen has created a fully compliant ecosystem platform that develops digital tools to improve process and management of business data. The platform assists in transferring pension funds from one account to another.


Founder(s): Michael Musandu, Ugnius Rimsa 

Founding year: 2018

Total funding: €686K

LALALand uses neural networks to generate images of artificial humans. It is disrupting e-commerce apparel webshops by letting shoppers turn their online shopping experience into a personalised and customised shopping spree. Through its platform, the company offers brands a vast library of age, size, and ethnic-inclusive models so that online shoppers can see themselves in the latest apparel as per their requirements.


Founder(s): Kibet Kipkemoi

Founding year: 2019

Total funding: €115K

LoCoMoGo was born from the belief that every child can learn coding and have fun while doing it. The company creates products that teach children aged 4 to 12 coding through play. Their first product: a train! The company claims that the LoCoMoGo Train is the first non-robot toy to take kids from screen-less coding, all the way up to real-world coding when they are a little older.


Founder(s): Levie Hofstee

Founding year: 2017

Total funding: N/A

Neurocast specialises in passively monitoring patients. It helps patients, doctors, and researchers better understand the course and cause of chronic diseases such as MS, Alzheimer’s, or cancer. 

The company believes that data could provide information about people’s mental, physical, or emotional state, and data can be collected from wherever people interact with technology. Neurocast started with the most frequently used device, the smartphone, while also adding other devices such as computers and smartwatches.


Founder(s): Vincent Laban, Eva Rennen, Johan Pieter Verwey, Rochelle Niemeijer

Founding year: 2020 

Total funding: N/A

Nostics was founded with one goal: to offer new ways of instantly detecting diseases and infections in patients. By applying nanotechnology, photonics, and machine learning, the company claims that its platform brings simplicity, speed, and affordability to a field that is often lacking all three. “Allowing people to get tested on multiple diseases, quickly, at any location, and at acceptable prices; this is our mission,” mentions the company on its website.


Founder(s): Gerbert Kaandorp, Glenn Brouwer, Jasper Wognum, Peter Eijk

Founding year: 2016

Total funding: €50K

BrainCreators is a provider of digital inspectors that perform visual inspection tasks multiple times faster than humans, removing a costly bottleneck in many processes for infrastructure, manufacturing, pharma, utility, real estate, and construction companies.

The platform transfers expert knowledge to machines to enable intelligent automation. It is built explicitly to train and employ digital inspectors as a hybrid cloud service or on-edge. To deliver enterprise-level inspectors, BrainCreators have partnered with IBM, Equinix, Advantech, and Bosch.


Founder(s): Coen Janssen, Erik Wienk, Ernst Peter Hovinga, Laurens Groenendijk, Maarten Engelen

Founding year: 2016

Total funding: €39.2M

Hiber’s in-house-developed satellite constellation aims to bring IoT solutions to areas where there’s never been affordable cellular access or wifi. In simple terms, the company will ensure the possibility to track and monitor machines and devices for a wide range of IoT solutions in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places.

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