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BlastUP, a leading decentralized application (dApp) launchpad built on the Blast network, has recently raised an impressive $5 million in its ongoing initial coin offering (ICO).

The project’s remarkable success has caught the attention of investors, enthusiasts, and industry experts alike, sparking discussions about its potential to become a game-changer in dApp development and blockchain scalability.

What Sets BlastUP Apart?

BlastUP’s unique approach to addressing the growing demand for efficient and secure platforms within the Ethereum ecosystem is what sets it apart. By seamlessly integrating with the Blast network, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, BlastUP provides a cutting-edge launchpad for dApp developers to raise capital and launch their projects with ease.

Robust Security Measures: CertiK and Assure DeFi Audits

BlastUP’s credibility and appeal come from its commitment to security and transparency. The project has undergone rigorous audits by industry-leading security firms, ensuring that its platform adheres to the highest standards of security and reliability.


Notably, BlastUP has been audited by CertiK, a renowned blockchain security company known for its comprehensive security audits. CertiK’s evaluation has earned BlastUP an impressive security score of 82.06, ranking it among the top 30 most secure pre-launch projects on CertiK’s leaderboard.

This achievement is particularly noteworthy considering CertiK’s extensive portfolio, which includes audits for major platforms like PancakeSwap, Aave, BNB Chain, and Decentraland.

BlastUP has also been audited by Assure DeFi, further solidifying its dedication to ensuring the highest levels of security for its platform.

Innovative Tokenomics and Community Incentives

$BLP token is the native currency of the BlastUP ecosystem, boasting an impressive total supply of 1 billion units. The ongoing presale offers 20% (200 million) of these tokens for sale, structured into 10 tiers with an average price estimated to be $0.06 upon completion of all tiers.


$BLP token holders get a reserved allocation of upcoming ICO tokens on the BlastUP launchpad, proportional to the amount of $BLP tokens they have staked. This incentivizes active participation and long-term holding, creating a strong community of engaged investors.

Furthermore, BlastUP’s Community Incentives Program allows projects on the Blast network to distribute tokens or other rewards for various user activities, enhancing user engagement and fostering a vibrant ecosystem.

Growing Ecosystem And Recognition from Crypto Experts and Communities

The Blast network itself has already garnered significant attention, becoming the sixth-largest blockchain by Total Value Locked (TVL) and generating over $1 billion in TVL within just 35 days of its launch. This rapid growth can be attributed to Blast’s unique feature of offering native yield for both Ethereum (ETH) and stablecoins, a capability that sets it apart from other Layer 2 solutions.

BlastUP’s achievements and innovative approach have not gone unnoticed within the crypto community either. Respected crypto influencers and experts have recognized BlastUP’s significant potential, highlighting its early achievements in the presale phase and its rapidly growing user base.

CryptoMoonShots, a subreddit focused on identifying potential crypto moonshots with 2 million members, has highlighted BlastUP as a highly promising contender. Additionally, Orbid, a respected crypto influencer, has also noted BlastUP’s potential, drawing attention to its early successes and rapidly expanding user base.

BlastUP has demonstrated a strong commitment to transparency and community engagement, maintaining an active presence on popular social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Telegram, and Discord.

Furthermore, BlastUP has already taken significant strides toward realizing its vision, launching its first project, CYBRO, on the BlastUP platform. This milestone event serves as a testament to BlastUP’s progress and sets the stage for its upcoming official release.

BlastUP’s Presale: A Thriving Investment Opportunity

The ongoing BlastUP presale has proven to be a resounding success, attracting substantial investment from the crypto community. As of now, the presale has raised an impressive $5,200,943, with 99,390,716 out of the 200,000,000 tokens allocated for the presale already sold.

Currently in stage 6 out of 10 total stages, the presale offers $BLP tokens at a price of $0.06 each. However, investors are encouraged to act swiftly, as the price is set to increase by 8% to $0.065 in the next stage. This tiered pricing structure incentivizes early investment and rewards those who recognize BlastUP’s potential at an early stage.

Investors can participate in the presale using a variety of payment methods, including Blast, ETH, USDB (on Ethereum), USDT (on BSC and Polygon), BNB, MATIC, and even good old USD via bank card. This diversity of payment options ensures accessibility for investors from various backgrounds and preferences.

With over $1.3 million already raised in the current stage, the BlastUP presale is well on its way to achieving its funding goals, fueling the project’s growth and development roadmap. Investors can expect increased awareness and potential for further price appreciation, making this an opportune time to secure $BLP tokens and position themselves for the project’s future success.

As the crypto world eagerly awaits the next big disruptor, BlastUP’s innovative approach and strategic positioning make it a strong contender to watch in the coming years.

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