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Cerence has fully integrated its Cerence Connected Vehicle Digital Twin (CCVDT) platform with VinFast’s electric vehicles. The CCVDT platform will essentially duplicate all of the data that a connected car generates to create a virtual version of the car in the cloud. That virtual car includes information about the car’s software and mechanical status in addition to location data and information about the driver.

Cerence Places New Digital Twin System in VinFast Electric Vehicles

In practice, those insights can be used to provide drivers with a safer and more personalized driving experience. For example, the system can send a notification to the driver if it detects an issue with a vehicle (such as a change in tire pressure), or if there are hazardous weather conditions on the road ahead. It can also tell the driver when they have missed a stop sign, or are otherwise driving in an unsafe or erratic fashion.

The platform can similarly predict when a vehicle’s electric charge will run low, and direct drivers to the nearest charging point when that occurs. In the future, the technology could allow people to take deliveries of packages while on the road, and enable other use cases that make driving even more convenient. For instance, the car could recommend nearby parking spots, based on the style of parking that that person feels most comfortable using.

“Cerence’s capabilities can analyze behavioral and operational data of the vehicle, overall vehicle performance, and driver-specific elements to deliver personalized service for drivers,” said Cerence CTO Prateek Kathpal. “In the future, we will be enabling simulation and validation of vehicles on the digital twin platform and testing use cases and performance using AI.”  

The digital twin platform can be used to deliver personalized in-car services, such as music and news updates, through the infotainment system. VinFast itself is based in Vietnam, and first partnered with Cerence to add voice assistants to its cars in September of 2021.


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