Casino Trends That Emerged in 2020

Casino Trends That Emerged in 2020

Let’s just start with the fact that due to Corona, all the brick and mortar establishments were closed. This restriction redirected every gamer who still wanted to engage in casino entertainment to the web-based derivative. If by some standard the igaming sector wasn’t trending, it is now.

Here we look at 2020’s effects on brick-and-mortar and online variants. These insights are useful for bettors who play UK casino. We speak to Kate Richards on the topic; you can view her profile here.

The Increase in Payment Options for Online Casinos

E-wallets have proliferated with the increase of online casinos. Many payment options like Skrill and Neteller were on the market for almost two decades already. The lockdown drove people indoors, land-based establishments suspended business, and the igaming scene exploded. 

The latter created a demand for multiple payment methods that are more adept to the purpose of quick withdrawals and deposits. Banks have long clearing periods, but payment alternatives like ecoPayz and Paysafecard don’t.

The average casino platform has many options aside from the usual Maestro, Mastercard and Visa.

Using the digital wallet system is a casino trend which is expanding rapidly.


The use of Cryptocurrency is on the rise. Every casino worth its salt has options of payment and withdrawals through some kind of crypto wallet. To date, there are 25 different wallets available on the market.

Welcome Bonuses

If you type Casino Welcome Bonus into a search engine, the results will be overwhelming. Every online gambling site out there tries to outdo its competitor by crafting their bonuses to look a little more attractive. It’s a fine line to walk for the operator of the gaming brand. 

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When setting up a welcome reward, there are three considerations:

  1. Is the bonus attractive enough to get the player to sign up?
  1. Does it incur high costs?
  1. Is the advert entirely true in what it promises?

Almost every casino out there has a reward for newcomers. The welcome bonus is an expense within the marketing budget.

Female Bettors

We know they exist because we’ve seen them in the brick-and-mortar establishment. However, unless we’re acquainted with a female online gamer, we tend to forget this.

The year 2020, in addition to all its features, gave us a few months of boredom. During the strict lockdown, a vast majority of us turned to the ether for our entertainment. Women were as affected, and thus they too opted for casinos as a pastime or an alternative.

Though there is no statistical release for 2020, for 2018-2019, they indicate that female gamblers were just 5% less than males in the UK.

The Increase in Live Dealer Games

For everybody who loves slots, online gambling wasn’t such a difficult transition. The challenges came for those who liked their card games. The Virtual Reality options just don’t cut it for an individual who enjoys a live table game.

The casino industry caught onto this, and developers started applying their minds to solutions pretty early. As we head to the close of 2020, we realise almost every operator on the internet has the option of a live dealer game. Once experienced, the user acknowledges that the web-based versions of the games aren’t so bad.

The Use of Mobile Devices for Gambling

In a household of four people, there may not be four laptops or PCs, but there’ll be as many mobile devices. It has thus gotten to a point where developers realise it’s a greater priority to adapt their games and platforms to mobile phones than computers. 

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Ironically, web-based casinos have advertised their capacity to render their services to bettors while “on the go”.  Due to lockdown restrictions, nobody has gone anywhere, and this is what’s caused expansion in the gaming market.

As the gaming value of desktop dwindles, mobile compatibility takes over. This new gambling trend is in a state of growth.

The Expansion of Betting and Sportsbook Portfolios Across the Board

It may sound absurd that a brand would expand its sportsbook at a time when conventional sports is restricted. 

Thanks to esports, betting agents had some material to offer players. The lack of conventional sports limited options and created a temporary void in the market. It wasn’t long before betting syndicates brought it into the spotlight.

There are numerous esport leagues sponsored by well-known tech brands on the market. These have been operating in obscurity for a long time.


The year 2020 has only hastened the process of igaming evolution. This change comes as people and corporations set about navigating the obstacles created by the pandemic.


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