Carer's allowance UK: Claims may limit state pension payment increases – full details

Carer’s allowance can provide eligible claimants with £67.60 per week if they care for someone for at least 35 hours a week. The person being cared for will also need to get certain benefits such as PIP or attendance allowance.

However, some state pensioners may face negative repercussions.

If a person defers their state pension by a minimum of nine weeks, their payments could be increased when they’re eventually claimed.

However, a person cannot build up these extra state pension payments when they get carer’s allowance.

A benefits calculator can be used to see how other benefits can be impacted by carer’s allowance claims.

Initial claims for carer’s allowance can be made online or through the post.

When applying, claimants will need to have certain information at the ready, which includes a National Insurance number, bank details and expenses information.

Should a claimant disagree with a decision on their claim, they can have it reviewed under mandatory reconsideration rules.

While a person is receiving carer’s allowance, they must also report any changes in their circumstances which could impact payments.


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