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Carer's Allowance: How long does it take to get a decision on Carer's Allowance claim?

People who spend at least 35 hours a week caring for a person who is a recipient of certain Government benefits may be able to claim Carer’s Allowance. Claimants do not need to be related to or live with the person they care for to get the benefit. However applicants must not earn more than £128 per week after deductions, or be in full-time education, in order to claim Carer’s Allowance.

In order for their carer to claim Carer’s Allowance, the person being cared for must get one of the following benefits:

  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP) – daily living component
  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) – the middle or highest care rate
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Constant Attendance Allowance at or above the normal maximum rate with an Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
  • Constant Attendance Allowance at the basic (full day) rate with a War Disablement Pension
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment

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How long does it take to get a decision on Carer’s Allowance claim?

The Government website doesn’t state how long it can take for a decision to be made on a Carer’s Allowance claim.

However, according to SAGA, a decision will usually be made after three weeks from the date the claim was received.

SAGA explain on their website: “You’ll usually find out after three weeks from the claim for Carer’s Allowance being received, which is immediately after you press the ‘submit’ button if applying online, but can be a few days depending on when they are posted.”

Can you appeal a Carer’s Allowance claim decision?

Carer’s Allowance applicants can apply online or via post, and they will be informed of the decision that has been made on their claim in due course.

Carers UK explain on their website: “You will receive a written decision on your claim that tells you whether you have been awarded Carer’s Allowance and from what date.

“If you are awarded the ‘underlying entitlement’ only, you will still receive a written decision letter.

“Keep your decision letters as they can be useful to evidence your caring role if needed.”

Carer’s Allowance applicants can challenge their claim decision if they aren’t approved for the benefit.

Carers UK adds: “If you are refused Carer’s Allowance, you can ask the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) (England, Wales & Scotland) or the Department for Communities (DfC) (Northern Ireland) to look at the decision again.

“You must do this before you appeal. This is called a mandatory reconsideration.”

If a Carer’s Allowance claim is not accepted after mandatory reconsideration, applicants can then start the process of lodging an appeal.

Further details on mandatory consideration and appeals for Carer’s Allowance decisions can be found on the Government website HERE.


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