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By MedTech Outlook | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Cannon Quality Group’s new program is sure to empower medtech startups greatly.

FREMONT, CA: Cannon Quality Group has launched a new medtech quality management program that is designed and developed to empower startups. This innovative Quality Compliance Program is focused on helping the medical startups of today to set the foundation for a quality management system (QMS) compliant to FDA QSR and ISO 13485 requirements. Cannon Quality Group’s program would provide the startups with the device compliance essentials along with a comprehensive suite of templates that support early Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). With the program, medtech startups can achieve newer heights of efficiency and reliability.

The new and comprehensive quality compliance and management program helps the medtech startups by delivering live coaching and training sessions and templates for standardizing the operating methodologies that the startups had been following traditionally. Additionally, the templates also cover the basic fundamental touchpoints that are of great importance to medtech startups. Further, the comprehensive program also supports the templates with educating aspects such as data management, documentation control, design, supplier quality, and quality auditing protocols, which together help the optimization of medtech startups.

Cannon Quality Group is one of the leading providers of outsourced quality management systems and solutions that help in driving the efficiency, compliance, and standard of the medtech startups. The company predominantly focuses on prioritizing quality control, compliance, and management systems that take the solutions and offerings of the medtech startups to the next higher level. Cannon Quality Group continuously helps in making the startup services stay increasingly relevant in the modern market. The company helps its clients reach their goals.

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