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The Polkadot (DOT -6.17%) cryptocurrency has taken a beating in recent years. Once trading at a lofty $55 per token with a total market value of $53 billion, the official crypto of the Web3 project ran into an inflation-flavored brick wall. These days, the token properly named DOT but often known by the friendlier name of the whole Polkadot ecosystem trades at just $5.70 per token.

But the dramatic price drop does not spell the end of the ride for Polkadot and its investors. The key to understanding Polkadot’s ability to bounce back lies in its fundamental role in the Web3 reform. Thanks to its pole position at the forefront of the next internet generation, Polkadot looks quite capable of regaining and even surpassing the $20 mark.

Let me show you how.

Polkadot’s hand in the imminent Web3 revolution

Polkadot’s potential increase in value is closely linked to the growth of Web3.

Imagine Web3 as the next generation of the internet, where people have more control and security over their data. Instead of a few big companies controlling everything, everyone has a say and can trust each other without needing middlemen.

Polkadot is a key player in building the infrastructure for this new internet. Started and managed by the Web3 Foundation, Polkadot’s goal is to connect different blockchain networks, making the entire system more efficient and user-friendly. In a world where developers have easy access to the best features of every blockchain system, no single cryptocurrency needs to master every possible feature. Instead, a cross-chain framework such as Polkadot connects them all and provides the best features of every project in a cohesive app development platform.

As Web3 gains popularity, the need for such interconnected networks grows, and Polkadot’s role becomes more vital. If it succeeds in its mission, its value should increase over time. This growth is not guaranteed and depends on how well Polkadot can adapt to the changing landscape of the internet and blockchain technology, of course. But with the dedicated backing of the Web3 Foundation, a robust technical platform, and a sophisticated system for funding the best blockchain development ideas, Polkadot is the closest thing to a surefire winner in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency sector.

Why is Web3 a big deal?

Web3 isn’t exactly a cryptocurrency idea, but a new philosophy for how content is managed online.

Imagine if the internet was a giant library where, until now, only a few librarians (big tech companies) could decide which books you can read and what notes you can make. Web3 is like giving everyone their own key to this library and their own pen to write with. This change is huge because it shifts the power from just a few hands into everyone’s.

It’s like moving from a world where only a few people decide what’s on TV to everyone being able to create and watch their own personalized channels. This shift can lead to more freedom, creativity, and fairness online.

And Polkadot’s tokens are designed to power this paradigm shift. Various cryptocurrencies will serve different functions in a fully functional Web3, from the value-storing authority of Bitcoin (BTC -1.30%) and smart contracts execution in the Ethereum (ETH 0.91%) ecosystem to the real-world data transmission provided by Chainlink (LINK -12.12%) and the decentralized banking services in the Uniswap (UNI -1.92%) network.

Polkadot offers app development support for all of these crypto systems, and dozens more. That’s the key ring holding all those keys to individual libraries and library systems around the world. And so, the next generation of sharing, publishing, and monetizing things online should revolve around Polkadot’s hub.

Polkadot is a direct bet on the Web3 revolution

And that’s why I see a bright future for the DOT token in the long run. The Web3 revolution isn’t happening overnight, so it could take a while before this ambitious vision is fully realized. And in the meantime, even the cherished flagship product of the Web3 Foundation might run into even more capable alternatives — my ability to divine the ever-changing future won’t be the same until I refill this coffee cup again.

But I think Polkadot is perfectly capable of climbing back to $20 or more if you give it some time. As you know, patience is any successful investors best friend, and that’s only more true in the volatile cryptocurrency market. So I can’t offer any bulletproof guarantees of market-beating performance, but grabbing a few Polkadot tokens at today’s modest price will probably serve you well in the long haul.

Anders Bylund has positions in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot. The Motley Fool has positions in and recommends Bitcoin, Chainlink, Ethereum, and Uniswap Protocol Token. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.


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