Can I travel to Spain from the UK? Quarantine rules, air bridge plans and coronavirus restrictions explained

HOLIDAYS to Spain are back on the cards this month as an air bridge agreement has been confirmed between the country and the UK.

The UK government has confirmed that holidays can go ahead from July 10.

You can go on holiday to Spain from July 10


You can go on holiday to Spain from July 10Credit: Alamy

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps explained the list of countries was finally ready and the nation could finally plan to get away.

He told Sky News: “There will be a list of 50-plus countries. If you add in the overseas territories (there will be) 60-something-or-other that will be announced later today.

“France, Germany, Italy and Spain will be on that list.”

He added: “It’s not coming in til 10th of July, the end of the quarantine, so there is still time for other parts of the four nations to join.”

Mr Shapps explained all passengers would have to fill out a “passenger locator form”, allowing governments to know where each visitor was going and for how long.

Here is everything you need to know about travelling to Spain.

Can I travel to Spain on holiday now?

From July 10, Brits can head to Spain without needing to quarantine in the UK for two weeks when returning.

Spain has already lifted the quarantine for Brits, having welcomed flights last month.

This means that a holiday won’t need to include a two-week isolation period when visiting the mainland as well as the islands in Spain.

Holidays will no longer include a two-isolation for Spain


Holidays will no longer include a two-isolation for SpainCredit: Alamy

The UK Foreign Office states: “Spain’s borders are open to European Union and Schengen-area countries, and travellers from the UK.

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“Arrivals from the United Kingdom are not required to self-isolate on arrival but will be subject to a series of three health checks.”

This includes a visual check, a temperature check and history of coronavirus contact.

Are there any restrictions in Spain I need to know about?

Masks are advised to be worn in all public spaces, including beaches, or police can enforce fines up to £90.

Beaches across Spain are also implementing new rules such as limited capacity and sunbathing zones to ensure tourists continue to social distance.

It is advised to check beforehand of the new rules, as some may cap daily visitors or only offer prebooked visits.

Hotels, restaurants and bars are all open to tourists.

Are flights running to Spain?

Airlines have already begun running flights to Spain, with easyJet, Ryanair and Jet2 offering routes from the UK.

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TUI has increased flights to Majorca and Ibiza as bookings soar for the summer months.



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