Campaign podcast: Can Channel 4 be saved from privatisation?

On this week’s Campaign podcast, Campaign‘s technology and gaming editor Simon Gwynn, media editor Arvind Hickman and senior reporter Fayola Douglas discuss the potential privatisation of Channel 4, which the ad industry this week expressed its opposition to in an open letter organised by Campaign.

Simon, Arvind and Maisie kick off the show by discussing the latest developments as the consultation on Channel 4 came to a close, as well as the broadcaster’s groundbreaking Black to Front initiative.

They then move onto the latest tribulations of another TV company, GB News, before discussing what’s happening at London Fashion Week, which started on 16 September.

The trio then share their views on three major campaigns to have launched in recent weeks: Asda’s “Get the Asda price feeling”, the International Paralympic Committee’s “#WeThe15”, and the Royal Navy’s “Raj’s story”.

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Episode notes

5:00 Channel 4 privatisation
13:05 GB News
17:10 London Fashion Week
22:10 Asda “Get the Asda price feeling” by Havas London
26:10 International Paralympic Committee “#WeThe15” by Adam & Eve/DDB
30:55 Royal Navy “Raj’s story” by Engine Creative

This episode was hosted by Campaign’s technology and gaming editor Simon Gwynn, with media editor Arvind Hickman and senior reporter Fayola Douglas, and edited by Lindsay Riley.


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