Campaign podcast: A moment of reckoning for the ad industry on racial equality

Campaign’s Brittaney Kiefer, Gemma Charles and Maria Iu discuss the shifts in the ad industry since George Floyd’s murder in 2020. 

This week marked a year since Floyd’s death, which sparked a wave of Black Lives Matter protests around the world and a ripple effect on sectors including advertising. 

But was anything really different about that moment for the industry? Brittaney, Gemma and Maria discuss the impact that has been felt in areas such as casting and on-screen representation, talent and equal pay. 

What change has occurred since Floyd’s murder and the resurgence of the BLM movement, and what needs to happen next?

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This episode was hosted by Campaign’s creativity and culture editor Brittaney Kiefer, with deputy editor Gemma Charles and intelligence editor Maria Iu, and edited by Lindsay Riley.


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