California garlic festival shooting: Live updates – CNN

Robert Villareal thought the gunshots were fireworks at first when he heard them at the Gilroy Garlic Festival on Sunday.

“Then I heard a second and I turned around where the noise came from. As I saw three girls crying and yelling, ‘There’s a shooting,’ as more shots were going off, my family yelled my name out and I got to catch up with them. It all happened so fast,” Villareal told CNN.

Villareal didn’t see the suspect — all he saw was a panicked crowd running toward him, screaming that there was a shooter.

“I saw a woman limping, trying to make it to the trail. Then a guy was missing a sandal. I heard a guy saying he forgot his phone but he didn’t want to go back,” Villareal said.

Watch the video Villareal shot as he was fleeing the scene:


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