Cadbury Unity Bar, which features four flavours of chocolate, causes internet storm – 7NEWS

Cadbury has released a new four-flavour ‘diverse’ chocolate bar that the internet both outraged and ecstatic.

The chocolate-maker announced the limited-edition Cadbury Unity Bar in commemoration of India’s Independence Day on August 15.

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The bar, which has dark, blended, milk and white chocolate, comes in packaging with graphics of people with different skin tones linking hands.

“This Independence Day, let’s celebrate a country that stands united in its diversity,” Cadbury wrote on Twitter.

“Presenting the Cadbury Unity Bar, India’s first chocolate with dark, blended, milk and white chocolate all under one wrap.”

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Plenty of Twitter users slammed the chocolate-maker for attempting to make a political statement.

But others simply praised the invention.

A Cadbury spokeswoman told there are no plans for the bar to be released in Australia.


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