Cadbury is hiring chocolate testers—no experience necessary, but be prepared for 'choco-challenges'

Sampling chocolates is a pastime many of us pay money to indulge in, but the makers of Cadbury want to change that and instead reward people willing to taste test their new creations.

Mondelez International, the company behind sweet brands like Cadbury, Oreo, Milka and Green & Blacks, is looking for four people to join its chocolate-tasting team.

The best part about this dream job? No experience is required.

The company will train its tasters, meaning no formal qualifications are needed. All they ask is that you have a “passion for confectionery,” “tastebuds for detection,” give honest opinions and be eager to try new products.

Sounds simple enough, until you get to the “choco-challenges.” As part of the selection process, applicants will be tested on their ability to detect subtle taste differences between chocolate products. So if you’re the person who thinks they can taste when there’s an extra pinch of sugar in this milk chocolate vs. that one, this may be your new calling.


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