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Clash of the classifieds

Find me a compact vehicle I can fit a bike in the back of for £10,000. Honda Freed 1.5 i-VTEC auto, £5495 vs Skoda Fabia Estate 1.2 TSI Monte Carlo, £9999

Mark Pearson: I’m not completely sure about this, but I might have found the best car in the world. The Honda Freed doesn’t just perfectly fulfil Judge James’s brief: I think it probably does pretty everything a car should do. VTEC engine, top-notch reliability, seven seats and an interior so vast that you could house another car within it. What you got, Oliver?

Oliver Young: Rather than take the mini-MPV route, I’ve gone with a supermini turned estate – and a rather fine one at that. The brief demands a Tardis and the Skoda Fabia Estate is exactly that, with more boot space than the Volvo XC60. Not to mention the punchy 108bhp turbo engine and premium Monte Carlo trim.

MP Pah! The point here is that you could support the entire Tour de France in my jazzy Honda. It’s a perfect fit. Your Skoda is all pace and no space.

OY No space? It has a boot larger than that of a large SUV, remember? Plus, it’s newer, more powerful and of a higher specification than your old box on wheels.


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