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During global crises, such as the war on Ukraine, many individuals wonder how they can make a difference during such a large-scale event, but Coyote Ridge Elementary fourth grader Niko Gallovic knew he wanted to do something to help.

Niko’s parents help him to stay up on current events in the community and around the world, and when he became privy to what was happening in Ukraine he spoke with his parents and school officials to plan a fundraiser that would benefit Ukrainians in need.

“When my parents told me about what was happening in Ukraine I felt really bad for them and wanted to figure out a way to help,” Niko said. “After I started planning ideas, we got a new student who is from Ukraine and that really made me want to help.”

Niko worked with his parents and principal and came up with the idea to sell Ukrainian flags for a $5 donation at Coyote Ridge’s Spring PTO Carnival on May 12. He decided that all of the donations would go to UNICEF, which is working to reach vulnerable children and families in Ukraine with essential services.

Coyote Ridge Elementary Principal Dr. Michael Keppler said he loves seeing the young students take action on something they are passionate about and try to make a difference.

“I always try to support the kids’ ideas when they come to me,” Keppler said. “I think that’s one of the coolest things, seeing the kids when they hear about something and feel strongly and want to do something to help. It’s important to support them because it helps other students and community members see that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can really make a difference if you want to.”

After getting his idea approved, Niko made a presentation to student leadership and got their support to help set up and run the table at the carnival. In total, Niko said they raised $750, selling 100 flags and receiving multiple donations over the required $5.

Niko’s dad, Mark Gallovic, said he is proud his son is aware and wants to make a difference within their community and globally.

“I work in international education, so for Niko to not only want to do things to help the local community but also paying attention to the whole world and starting to think about these things for himself is exciting,” Mark Gallovic said. “We are going to keep exposing him to what’s going on in the world and will support him with whatever resonates with him.”

Keppler, who helped send off the donations to UNICEF on Niko’s behalf, acknowledged how supportive the community was for this fundraiser.

“Just like we are with the kids, our community is so supportive as well,” Keppler said. “We are very fortunate with our community, they are willing to step up and help when we do things like this.”

Niko, who is almost always involved with his parents philanthropy endeavors, is already thinking about what his next project could be. His dad said he has helped them when they made donations to The Refuge in Broomfield and during the Marshall Fire.

“I’m just going to keep trying to do my part,” Niko said. “I feel like it’s mostly adults that do things like this but I know kids can be more involved. So, now I’m trying to think about who I want to help next, whether it’s more help to Ukraine or other communities as well.”


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