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As many Android Auto users found out the hard way, installing new app updates is quite a risky game, as instead of getting more improvements and features, the experience overall could end up broken down.
And this is exactly what happened in the case of several users who took to Google’s forums to complain about such an issue, explaining that an update Android Auto received earlier this year got them stuck with a blank screen on launch.

And what’s worse, Google has recently blocked the only fix that did the trick in their case, so at this point, they’re no longer able to run Android Auto in their cars.

More specifically, Android Auto 5.4 is said to be the culprit of the problem, with one user explaining on the forums that the errors showed up in August.

This issue first appeared for me when I updated AA at the beginning of August. Since that update to V5.4, I no longer can use AA with my car display. Phone shows notification badge ‘Android Auto is connected to your car,’ but when I select the AA icon on my car display, I just get a blank screen,” one user explained.

The workaround was as easy as it could be given the problem only affected a new version of Android Auto. A downgrade to build 5.3 brought things back to normal, but this small fix was eventually blocked recently when Google started forcing users to update to a newer release. Right now, if you still run Android Auto 5.3 on your smartphone, you should see a prompt on launch requiring an update to continue using the app.

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Google says it’s already investigating, though, for the time being, no other workarounds have been provided.

I’ve forwarded this issue to the rest of the team. We’ll update this thread once we have more information,” a member of the Android Auto team says.

An ETA hasn’t been provided as to when the fix could eventually land.



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