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BROCKTON — Carlos Cardoso, 69, is suffering from severe head and internal injuries after being brutalized by a group of young adults on Walnut Street following a road rage incident, according to his daughter, Stephanie Cardoso, 31.

“My father, mother and her father’s friend, Mario Barros, were driving home on Walnut Street at around 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 24, when they got into a minor accident with another vehicle,” she said. 

Carlos Cardoso is the owner of Cardoso Cafe, a restaurant and bar on Montello Street. 

There were three people in the other car, two women and a man. 

“My dad got out of the vehicle and so did the other party to inspect their respective vehicles for damage,” she continued. “But then one of the other people in their car, a woman, stepped out of their vehicle stating there was a rearview mirror on the ground from when they hit a different car.” 

“The driver of the other vehicle asked my dad if it was from his car,” she said. “He kept saying no, and then the other party got angry and punched my dad in the face so hard that he was knocked to the ground. He lost his glasses when he fell.” 

Barros then told Cardoso to get back in the car so they could de-escalate the situation and drive away, according to Stephanie. They were successful, but as they were driving away, Stephanie said her father realized he’d left his bifocal glasses on the street when he’d been punched at the scene of the accident. 

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“They ended up driving back so they could get his glasses,” she said. “He parked the car and started walking back to the spot to find them.” 

That’s when the worst of it happened. 

“As Barros and my father were walking back to find his glasses — my mom was in the car — two groups of 18-22 year-olds started walking towards them from either end,” she said. “It was a group of about seven people.” 

“They ganged up on my dad and Barros. They punched Barros first,” she said. “My dad tried to get him free, and that’s when they punched my dad to the cement.” 

Cardoso turned 69 on Oct. 9. 

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“They kicked him repeatedly in the head until he was unconscious,” she continued. “My mom is traumatized. She has extreme paranoia and is worried about every little thing.” 

Cardoso experienced a minor stroke from the incident, Stephanie said. According to Stephanie, her father is “unable to speak or move his arm,” and he is in the intensive care unit (ICU) at Boston Medical Center. 

The family reported the incident to the police, and as of now, the incident is being investigated, according to Darren Duarte, a spokesperson for the Brockton Police Department. 

According to a spokesperson for StressFreeCarRental.com, a UK-based car rental company, “there are so many things to think about when you are driving, and it can be easy for the red mist to descend if something unexpected occurs.” 

Some tips on avoiding road rage? 

StressFreeCarRental has a few ideas: 

  1. Stay in the right: Don’t copy other drivers. Stay grounded and level-headed
  2. Emotional Intelligence: Always take a few moments to prepare yourself for driving when you enter the car, no matter if it is after an argument or when you are calm. Don’t put yourself, other passengers or other drivers in danger
  3. Music: Listening to music can impact your mood and enable you to counter stressful situations more readily
  4. Be aware of the dangers of eye contact: People who feel they have been wronged on the road may have the natural instinct to look at the driver in the other vehicle, but this is rarely a good idea
  5. Time: Make sure you allow yourself enough time to get from Point A to Point B so that you don’t get as frustrated if there is a traffic hold-up
  6. Flexible thinking: Be quick on your feet. You could be the best driver, but mistakes still happen. Stay focused and remain calm. 

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