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BROCKTON − A house on Cypress Drive sold for $825,000,  topping this week’s list of real estate transactions for single-family houses in the city.  Located in a “highly sought-after location,” this nine-room custom Colonial with over 2,800 square feet offers “superior design and craftsmanship,” according to the real estate listing.

In Bridgewater, a home in Duxburrow Estates sold for $923,405, This four-bedroom home has an open floor plan with custom kitchen offering custom cabinets, island and granite counters, and a primary suite with a micro office, full bath, shower, and walk-in closet.

A classic farmhouse Colonial in Easton sold for $832,500. This home “exudes elegance and comfort,” according to real estate listing. This 2,500-plus square-foot “haven comes with an exquisite interior design and fine decor.” This property was sold by Charles Lima at Keller Williams realty.

Here are the property transactions recorded for the week of Sept. 5 to 8, 2023, in the Brockton area, according to The Warren Group.


71 Randolph St., John F. Kelleher Jr. to Clelia G. Rezende and Melquezedeque D. Silva, $484,000, Sept. 5.

19 Platt St., New City Investors Limited Liability Co. to Oscar Hernandez, $580,000, Sept. 5, single family.


718 W. Main St., Jennifer D. Peck and Lorraine Otero to Appleton Grove Limited Liability Co., $455,000, Sept. 5.

169 Packard St., Charles S. Collins (irrevocable trust) and Elaine Collins to Deana Procopio, $485,000, Sept. 7, single family.


101 Pratt Ave., Duxburrow Estates Limited Liability Co. to Jingyu Xu, $923,405, Sept. 7.

293 Hayward St., John M. and Mary I. Gagne to Matthew S. and Brianne M. Quirk, $585,000, Sept. 8, single family.

1895 South St., Coutts Barbara E. Est and Constance E. Coutts to Christopher A. and Apirl V. Coutts, $325,000, Sept. 5, single family.

180 Main St. Unit 1205, Ahern Donna M. Est and Christopher J. Ahern to Paul Freeman, $170,000, Sept. 8, condo.


Leyden St., Leyden Street T. and Marcos Coli to Eversource Gas Co. Of Ma, $90,000, Sept. 6.

400 Warren Ave., Carolyn Radley to Rodrigues Hld Limited Liability Co., $280,000, Sept. 6.

145 Cypress Drive, Clm Development Limited Liability Co. to Marc and Sandy Dorisca, $825,000, Sept. 5.

44 Martland Ave., Domitila Araujo to Margareth Sibrun and Guybenson Sain-Cilaire, $850,000, Sept. 5.

72 Lisa Drive, Matthew K. and Alexa R. Thompson to Matthew Gada, $450,000, Sept. 5, single family.

331 N. Cary St., Ryan A. and Alesia E. Keelan to Fedra Casimir and Gerlens Lovince, $415,000, Sept. 7, single family.

396 W. Chestnut St., Patricia A. and Pamela J. Regan to Hiep Vanhuynh and Thi T. Nguyen, $550,000, Sept. 8, single family.

108 Oak Lane Unit 4, Patricia A. Butler to Lissbeth P. Lom-Gallego, $226,000, Sept. 8, condo.

25 Arthur St., Joao D. Depina to Alberto C. and Carla S. Goncalves, $650,000, Sept. 8.

374 Quincy St., Junior Tessa and Myrlande T. Joseph to Nadege Eliazar and Claude R. Damus, $429,900, Sept. 7, single family.

223 Copeland St., Buskull Properties Limited Liability Co. to Cindy Cabrera and German R. Fernandez, $475,000, Sept. 8, single family.

556 W. Elm St., Colin Weathers and Kirsten Mattila to Thomas Snelling and Linda Kontoh, $585,000, Sept. 8, single family.

64 Menlo St. Unit 8, Ives and Marie A. Isidor to Daniel Henriquez, $330,000, Sept. 8, condo.

24 Fern Circle, Nigel Smithson and Colleen Dalton-Petillo to Mark D. Hochberg and Kyle W. Kelloway, $605,000, Sept. 7, single family.


135 Plymouth St., George A. Peck and Rockland T. to Twenty Eleven Limited Liability Co., $50,000, Sept. 5, single family.

7 West St., Lee A. Beaulieu and Jeanne M. Roby to Kevin T. Demole, $490,000, Sept. 8, single family.

15 Woodhaven St., Douglas K. and Emma B. Berardi to John F. and Nicole H. Gallahue, $660,000, Sept. 7, single family.

3 Everett St., William and Ashley Feltrup to Christopher J. Evans, $450,000, Sept. 8, single family.

7 Orchard Lane, Ce Development Limited Liability Co. to Andrew J. Carney, $853,000, Sept. 7.

15 Lillian Way, Mcallister Family Trust and Robert B. Mcallister to Jesse L. and Brenda J. Korsh, $350,000, Sept. 6, single family.

East Bridgewater

508 Oak St., Amanda G. Tayeh to Jeremy and Destiny Campbell, $400,000, Sept. 6, single family.

50 W. Union St., John and April Fife to Rose C. St Cyr, $530,000, Sept. 8, single family.

78 Crystal Water Drive Unit 78, Lawrence and Paul A. Stigas to Laura E. Damasio, $365,000, Sept. 8, condo.


27 Black Brook Road, Ryan D. and Amy M. Sousa to Mary R. and Stephen A. Buckman, $832,500, Sept. 8, single family.

489 Turnpike St. Unit 5-8, Joanne M. Emery to Artem Sharamet, $400,000, Sept. 6, condo.

22 Reynolds St., 22 Reynolds St Realty Trust and Catherine B. Jaiswal to Ian R. and Kathleen Martell, $590,000, Sept. 6, single family.

20 Sharron Drive Unit 20, Oakwood Village, condo T. and Taunton District Court Tr to Paul Vanasse, $268,000, Sept. 6, condo.


185 Ledgewood Drive, Rebeca C. and Marisela R. Perez to Revathy Venkatesan and R. V. Balasubramaniam, $1,300,000, Sept. 5, single family.

25 Grove St., Hyland Sylvia G. Est and Marcia H. Foley to Sweeney Blanchard T. and James D. Blanchard, $537,000, Sept. 8, single family.


92 Litchfield Lane, Goscon Inc. to Paul F. and Doreen A. Wynne, $499,800, Sept. 5, single family.

499 County Road, Ans Construction Limited Liability Co. to Louka Maximous and Evon Youssef, $750,000, Sept. 7.

136 Brook St., Carol J. Corio Lt and Carol J. Corio to Frances M. Gilday, $620,000, Sept. 6, single family.

92 Litchfield Lane, Evan M. and Shannon L. Duane to Gilson R. Pereira and Diana M. Aguiar, $840,000, Sept. 5, single family.

200 Gray Lane, Dean V. Doucet to Robert E. and Dianne L. Watts 3rd, $857,500, Sept. 7, single family.


35 Dale Road, Peter Demko to Derek Demko, $200,000, Sept. 8, single family.

41 Juniper Road, Gregory Y. Curto Lt and Meredith Nicholls to Dream Big Prop Soln Limited Liability Co., $200,000, Sept. 8, single family.

4 Juniper Road, Priced Early Limited Liability Co. to Christopher Poulin and Lauren Pehnke, $443,000, Sept. 8, single family.

32 W. Shore Road, Petterson Ernest Est and Kathleen W. Giannandrea to Lamy Investment Limited Liability Co., $280,000, Sept. 8.


73 Ring Road, Theresa E. Jones and Paul Sardella to William Marsden and Erin M. Walsh, $730,000, Sept. 6, single family.

26 Arbor Hills Drive Unit 26, Clisham Realty Trust and John W. Clisham to Stephen L. and Elizabeth S. Markesich, $690,000, Sept. 7, condo.


17 Long Point Road, Daniel F. and Kate E. Marmelo to Shayne and Lindsey Westgate, $1,230,000, Sept. 7, single family.

19 Emerson Road, Jeffrey R. and Kelly J. Souza to Nicholas and Danielle E. Sherman, $730,000, Sept. 7, single family.

57 Long Point Road Unit 304, Lakeville Island Limited Liability Co. to William E. Ryberg, $527,500, Sept. 7, condo.


44 Smith Road, Charles P. and Julie L. Belsky to Olgina M. Louis and Wedsky Moise, $650,000, Sept. 7, single family.


8 Elisha Drive Unit 8, Melissa A. Delvaglio to Richard M. and Christine M. Hatch, $555,000, Sept. 7, condo.

122 Arch St., 4 Girls Properties Limited Liability Co. to Chinonso Ejiogu, $565,000, Sept. 6.

21 Valley Road, Anders and Donna M. Martenson to David L. and Joseane B. Gillis, $815,000, Sept. 5, single family.

3 Peirce Lane, Metropolitan Life Ins Co. to C. A. Debinion-Vazquez, $375,000, Sept. 7, single family.

621 Wareham St., Matthew J. Cabucio to Ryan Winters Burke Limited Liability Co., $600,000, Sept. 8, single family.

Sachem St. (off), Dale V. and Jeannie M. Martin to Renee M. Andrews, $15,000, Sept. 6.


62 Godfrey Drive Unit 62, George Robert Est and Laura J. Henckler to Margaret and Brian Sarro, $514,900, Sept. 8, condo.

14 Lagoon Lane, Lima Investments Limited Liability Co. to Harrison Eck, $300,000, Sept. 7, single family.

8 Horton Drive, Guenette Family Trust and John K. Guenette to Daniel Rayburg, $940,000, Sept. 5, single family.


34 4 Winds Drive, William D. John and Catelyn Johnson to Gregory and Maribeth Dercole, $850,000, Sept. 7, single family.

74 Littles Ave., Matthew and Danielle Baranowski to Mario E. Mariot and Alicia I. Amici, $575,000, Sept. 5, single family.

20 Greenwood Ave., Robert E. and Dianne L. Watts 3rd to Julia and Michael Keleher, $710,000, Sept. 7, single family.

131 Indian Trail, Casey R. and Raquel Archacki to Mathew Hall and Maggie Quealy, $569,900, Sept. 6, single family.

24 Barker Square Drive Unit 24, Gerald C. and Judy A. Ockerbloom to Jim Mascia, $512,500, Sept. 7, condo.

25 Reservoir Road Unit 24, Irene S. Bew and Mortage Assets Mgmt Limited Liability Co. to Hb1 Alternative Hldg Limited Liability Co., $437,565, Sept. 6, condo.

4 Alice Ave., Kelly M. Peckham to Steven Manning, $382,500, Sept. 8, single family.


28 Old Field Road Unit 28, Ernest G. Evans to Carol A. Smith, $565,000, Sept. 8, condo.

363 Lunns Way, Zucco Family Trust and Thomas A. Zucco to Tivnan Wood Family Trust and Douglas O. Wood, $560,000, Sept. 8, single family.

182 Halfway Pond Road, Lsf9 Master Part T. and United States Bk T. Na Tr to Russ Neary, $251,000, Sept. 6, single family.

32 Sterling Blvd Unit 32, Diane T. Scully and John Labrache to Robert Lewandowski, $611,000, Sept. 6, condo.

40 Westcliff Drive Unit 40, Joseph and Carol Consolo to Carolyn Consolo RET and Carolyn Consolo, $178,846, Sept. 5, condo.

15 Harvard Drive, John L. and Erin F. Keane to Jnn Homes Limited Liability Co., $450,000, Sept. 8, single family.

7 Russell St. Unit 105, Peter D. Pellegrini to Brandon S. Wolman, $570,000, Sept. 7, condo.

Saquish Beach Blvd, B. O. Realty Trust and David N. Batti to Francis and Richard Bien, $50,000, Sept. 8.

27 Ocean Walk Drive Unit 202, Ocean Walk Limited Liability Co. to Bonnie Marshall and Jane Fitzgerald, $299,900, Sept. 8, condo.

1 Mariners Way Unit 1304, William M. and Kathleen A. Sheridan to Laura J. Vincent, $484,400, Sept. 7, condo.

64 Sandwich Road, Steven J. Balboni to Peter A. Balboni, $555,196, Sept. 5.

40 Tinkers Blf Unit 40, Ridge Development Limited Liability Co. to Louis and Christina Matthews, $869,900, Sept. 7, condo.

464 Lunns Way, Carlton A. and Catherine Richardson to Travis and Catherine Powell, $554,000, Sept. 5, single family.

117 Warren Ave., Linda J. Melkonian to Stephen L. and Jennifer Q. Kuhn, $870,000, Sept. 5, single family.

66 Sandwich Road, Steven J. Balboni to Peter A. Balboni, $555,196, Sept. 5.

8 Jaye St., Small 2019 (irrevocable trust) and Jamie M. Small to Anton Repa and Joan Righi, $560,000, Sept. 8, single family.

14 Reed Ave., Matthew F. and Katherine K. Connelly to David M. and Kelly M. Golden, $805,000, Sept. 6, single family.

58 Stockade Path, Robert F. and Joan E. Holland to Cody A. and Meghan G. Weber, $451,000, Sept. 6, single family.

15 Standish Ave. Unit 15, Desormeaux Lisa Est and Thomas C. Benner to Jenny M. Rufo, $440,000, Sept. 8, condo.

9 Great Wind Drive, Maureen C. Femino to A. A. Jahel, $444,500, Sept. 5, single family.

181 Bourne Road, Stephanie A. Macconnell to Shannon L. Panus, $275,750, Sept. 6, single family.

4 Swan Ave., Maura R. Weir and Dermot Cullen to Justin R. Nessler and Ashley L. Rossi, $475,000, Sept. 6, single family.

27 Ocean Walk Drive Unit 206, Ocean Walk Limited Liability Co. to Bates RET and William D. Bates, $299,900, Sept. 8, condo.

32 Stafford St., Furtado Family Trust and Beth A. Palmer to Gerard J. Ceurvels, $540,000, Sept. 8, single family.

70 Winding Way, James J. Costa T. and James J. Costa to David P. and Donna M. Ryan, $825,000, Sept. 5, single family.

8 Blossom Drive, Ejp Redbrook Limited Liability Co. to David M. and Colleen A. Iava, $748,400, Sept. 7.

53 Crabtree Road, David L. Gillis Jr. to Jared and Courtney Minassian, $610,000, Sept. 5, single family.

5 Daisy Lane, Whitman Homes Inc. to Debra D. Walsh, $540,290, Sept. 8.

3 Derek Drive, Coffey Hm (irrevocable trust) and Richard G. Coffey Jr. to Scott Santos and Vita Palombo, $550,000, Sept. 8, single family.


11 Zanga Circle, Jdg Development Limited Liability Co. to Alexander and Andy G. Huynh, $850,300, Sept. 8.

21 Devine Road, Rotenberg Declaraton Of T. and Karen L. Rottenberg to Castelmar Properties Limited Liability Co., $225,000, Sept. 7, single family.

315 North St., Melvin and Loretta Baldwin to Dualstar Portfolio Limited Liability Co., $450,000, Sept. 7.

15 Thompson Drive Unit 2, Jacqueline Perry to Juli Plasa, $240,000, Sept. 6, condo.


183 Leonard St. Unit 4, James A. Baroncelli to Vanessa L. Fontana, $449,900, Sept. 7, condo.

8 Mowry St., William J. and Cassie M. Omeara to Marie V. Eliezer, $537,000, Sept. 7, single family.

270 Elm St. W., David P. Dicicco 2nd to Collin M. Gagliardi and Katlyn R. Mccarthy, $475,000, Sept. 6, single family.

57 Dean St., Brenda B. Blatt Lt and Brenda B. Blatt to Kethly Mornot, $649,000, Sept. 6, single family.


41 Franklin Ave., James D. Thorne to Frederick Kaczowka, $385,000, Sept. 8, single family.


41 Jessica Drive Unit D., T. Est Of Leonard M. Mann and Steven F. Mann to Jacquelynn Abraham-Saslaw, $415,000, Sept. 5, condo.

117 Pinewood Ave., Stephen A. Buckman to Jane Buckman, $625,000, Sept. 6, single family.

37 Shuman Ave., Nchwu Limited Liability Co. to 37 Shuman Avenue Limited Liability Co., $3,000,000, Sept. 8.

1483 West St., Alexander Victoria A. Est and James W. Alexander to East Brockton Limited Liability Co., $400,000, Sept. 6, single family.

64 Kim Terrace Unit B., Joshua Grossman to Carol and Keith P. Woodbury, $395,000, Sept. 6, condo.

59 Meadowood Drive Unit 59, Mf T. and Alanna J. Edstrom to Sophia F. Dalce, $402,000, Sept. 8, condo.


7 Weir Ave., Jennifer Cleaves to 5 Star Auto Glass Inc., $182,000, Sept. 8.

75 Bear Paw Trail Unit 75, Sebastiao (irrevocable trust) and Elizabeth M. Aguiar to Maria and Leanor Andre, $525,000, Sept. 8, condo.

45 Sunset Drive, 40-5 Thomas Sunset T. and Wayne F. Thomas to Erica Wollenhaupt, $464,000, Sept. 7, single family.

6 Parkin Court, Walter Hagan to Andrew Diaz and Jualina Zapata-Diaz, $425,000, Sept. 8, single family.

124 Duffy Drive, Madlog Management Limited Liability Co. to Ives and Marie A. Isidor, $659,900, Sept. 8.

215 Longmeadow Road Unit 603, Longmeafow Development Realty Trust and Daniel E. Goldrick to Barry J. Amaral, $275,000, Sept. 5, condo.

25 Johnson St., Cunningham Dale B. Est and Kimberly D. Papoza to Dora Estates Limited Liability Co., $350,000, Sept. 6, single family.

225 W. Britannia St., Limitless Development Limited Liability Co. to Alfred C. Howell, $630,000, Sept. 7, single family.

10 Aylas Circle, A. L. E. Realty Trust and Antonio S. Bairos to Ricardo Melo and Mnichaela Oliveira, $679,900, Sept. 7.

37 Wellesley Circle Unit 37, 35-37 Wellesley Circle Realty Trust and Henrique S. Sousa to Margareta Lambert and Margareta Leblanc, $385,000, Sept. 7, condo.

Johnson St., Sydney M. and Suellen Wedmore to Dora Estates Limited Liability Co., $150,000, Sept. 6.

200 Hart St., Aspen Properties Dev Limited Liability Co. to John M. and Sandra J. Preble, $430,000, Sept. 6, single family.

816 County St. Unit 9, Katelyn Bloomstein to Christopher and Raechal Daly, $205,000, Sept. 8, condo.

442 Weir St., Dinis O. and Maria F. Graca to Brian and Lillian M. Graca, $40,000, Sept. 6, single family.

90 Princess Kate Circle, Ashley Aguiar to Michael J. Licata, $72,000, Sept. 7, single family.


61 Oak St., Mackay Nancy C. Est and Amy C. Cassidy to M. G. & John J. Curtin Family Trust and Marlyn G. Curtin, $875,000, Sept. 8, single family.

3 Carleton St. Unit 3, Romkiewicz Thomas Est and Belinda D. Blackford to Timothy J. and Denise Bruno, $365,000, Sept. 8, condo.

4 Carleton St. Unit 4, Tomkiewicz Thomas Est and Belinda D. Blackford to Mark Snyder, $416,000, Sept. 7, condo.

127 Gibbs Ave., Vincent R. and Mary R. Decristofaro to Paul and Joanne Beckman, $425,000, Sept. 7, single family.

85 Towhee Road, Louisa Benton and Mccarthy Hanger 3rd to Louisa Benton, $75,000, Sept. 8.

30 Cromesett Road, Durocher Patricia A. Est and Clare A. Monteiro to Scott and Sara Michaud, $425,000, Sept. 8, single family.

76 Wareham Lake Shore Drive, Kayla M. and Dontaviou M. Smith to Keith P. Dacey, $344,900, Sept. 8, single family.

9 Grant St., Jason M. and Kate L. Quigley to Vladimir Lulic and Maria D. Bordon, $389,000, Sept. 8, single family.

17 Wareham Lake Shore Drive, Cahill T. and Debra J. Cahill to Kayla M. and Dontavious M. Smith, $925,000, Sept. 8, single family.

West Bridgewater

2 Metacomet Road, Brenda M. Miller Lt and Brenda M. Miller to Saba Khokhar, $995,000, Sept. 7, single family.


211 Warren Ave., Richard Burns to Sharelle R. Selden and Mendel Berger, $587,000, Sept. 8, single family.

159 Auburn St., Patricia L. Pierce to 159 Auburn Street Dev Limited Liability Co., $300,000, Sept. 6, single family.

236 Winter St., Derek Keenan to Michael E. and Alicia E. Forsberg, $376,500, Sept. 5, single family.

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