Brits to need Covid jabs for foreign holidays 'for evermore', says top Tory

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps suggested vaccine passports are here to stay for international travel after reopening of international travel

Holidaymakers may be required to prove their vaccine status 'for evermore'
Holidaymakers may be required to prove their vaccine status ‘for evermore’

British holidaymakers are likely to need to prove they are fully jabbed “for evermore”, the Transport Secretary has said.

Grant Shapps suggested that vaccine passports for foreign travel were here to stay for use both at home and abroad.

In the wake of an overhaul of the traffic light rules for travel, Mr Shapps said Brits could enjoy a sunshine break this summer “without looking over their shoulders the whole time”.

But he admitted that tougher rules for Spain could return, as he “can never say there is a zero chance” that quarantine would not be imposed.

Holidaymakers were given a major boost when quarantine for double-jabbed arrivals from France was axed from 4am on Sunday.

Spain will remain on the amber list despite fears that tougher rules could be imposed.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps admitted that the rules could change but expressed hope people could enjoy their summer breaks without ‘looking over their shoulder’


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Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania and Norway were added to the green list for quarantine-free travel.

But it was bad news for travellers from Mexico, Georgia and the French overseas territories of La Reunion and Mayotte, which are joining the red list.

Mr Shapps said jabs had been “a big game changer” and families should be able to enjoy their breaks this summer without fear.

Asked if countries could change at short notice, he told Sky: “I think you know that with coronavirus… you can never say zero chance with coronavirus.

“But, having said that, the levels of vaccination and what we now know about the virus, what our scientists have been able to work out in the last year, means that people should be able to go away, enjoy their holidays without looking over their shoulders the whole time.

“And, as I say, the next set of changes are not for another three weeks.”

In another interview, he made it clear that people would continue to need to prove they have had both jabs.

Asked if people are likely to need to isolate after holidays in the autumn, he told Today: “It is a reality in this new world we are living with coronavirus – as we’ve done domestically with the unlock we are learning to living with it – with international travel as well.

“So I mean I think double vaccination, full vaccination, is going to be a feature for evermore and most countries, probably all countries will require full vaccination for you to enter.

“And then of course things can change.”


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