Brits go wild for mould-banishing gadget which ‘does the job’ in HOURS, is better than ALL other options & costs £10

BRITS are jumping up and down with excitement over a mould banishing gadget that costs just £10 and works in hours.

The magic device can be brought from B&Q and buyers are singing its praises.

Shoppers are raving about a mould busting B&Q product


Shoppers are raving about a mould busting B&Q productCredit: B&Q

The product features a 360° air circulation block and absorbs moisture to create a comfortable indoor climate.

It is said to not only eradicate mould but to prevent common damp problems such as condensation, mould, and musty smells.

One five-star reviewer wrote: “Certainly does the job. I purchased following finding some condensation in the en-suite window.

“Popped one of these units in there and it certainly does the job. Very pleased with this purchase and would recommend to family & friends.”

Another said: “Worked in 12 hours! Bought this product only last night and it has made such a difference already!

“You can feel the air is drier already. I have had the cheaper ones before, and they just take a long time to get started. We have started at 70% humidity, and it has gone down a few percent.”

This is not the only time a B&Q product has caused shoppers to go wild recently.

Earlier this month we told how customers were rushing to buy sell-out winter gadget that means you won’t have to put the heating on.

Money-savers can’t get enough of the DIY retailer’s heated and winged clothes airer which comes in at £40.

The product has proved so popular it’s currently unavailable to buy online, but it might be worth checking in a few days time to see if it’s back in stock.

The product can be bought for just £10 and it claims it doesn't just remove mould but prevents it to


The product can be bought for just £10 and it claims it doesn’t just remove mould but prevents it toCredit: Getty


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