Britons watched TV for 40% of waking hours during Covid lockdown

Britons spent 40% of their waking hours watching TV during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, with 12 million new sign-ups to services such as Netflix, as the public sought to relieve the boredom of the nationwide lockdown.

The typical person spent six hours and 25 minutes each day keeping informed and entertained at the height of the lockdown in April – almost a third more, about 90 minutes each day – than during the same month last year.

The biggest driver of this increase in viewing was a doubling in the amount of time people spent watching subscription streaming services – such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ – to more than a hour per day, according to broadcasting regulator Ofcom’s annual study of the nation’s media habits. Among younger audiences, those aged 16 to 34, streaming screen time jumped to two hours a day.


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